Thomas Andrew Dorsey

Thomas Andrew Dorsey
Thomas A. Dorsey
Short Name: Thomas Andrew Dorsey
Full Name: Dorsey, Thomas Andrew
Birth Year: 1899
Death Year: 1993 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Thomas Andrew Dorsey (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Dear friends and kindred have gone from this worldThomas A. Dorsey (Author)3
Each day the sun comes out to shine, the stars and moon, they leave on timeThomas A. Dorsey (Author)4
God be with you, God be with youThomas A. Dorsey (Author)8
How many times have I wounded his heartThomas A. Dorsey (Author)2
How well do I remember how Jesus brought me throughThomas A. Dorsey (Author)3
I am tired and weary, but I must toil onThomas A. Dorsey (Author)7
I am weak, I am weary, but I must go alongThomas A. Dorsey (Author)4
I was lost in sin and sorrowThomas A. Dorsey (Author)3
I was standing by the bedside of a neighborThomas A. Dorsey (Author)4
I'll tell of the Savior, I'll tell of His favorThomas A. Dorsey (Author)5
It's my desire to do some good thingThomas A. Dorsey (Author)5
Let my sinful days be left behindThomas A. Dorsey (Author)2
Like a ship that's toss'd and drivenThomas A. Dorsey (Author)4
My way gets brighter, my load gets lighterThomas Andrew Dorsey (Author)2
Oft time we have too many troublesThomas A. Dorsey (Author)2
Precious Lord, take my handThomas A. Dorsey, 1899-1993 (Adapter)81
There's a day that is comingThomas A. Dorsey (Author)1
Well, I'm so tired and so wearyThomas A. Dorsey (Author)7
When I've done the best I canT. A. D. (Author)5
You know when I'm right, LordThomas A. Dorsey (Author)2

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