Luther Drummond

Short Name: Luther Drummond
Full Name: Drummond, Luther

20th Century

Texts by Luther Drummond (21)sort descendingAsInstances
As our blessed Savior went awayLuther Drummond (Author)2
Behold the wounded side of my LordLuther Drummond (Author)3
Communion sweet with Christ my LordLuther Drummond (Author)2
Fully persuaded, now I believeLuther Drummond (Author)2
I am delighted Jesus invited me to ready beLuther Drummond (Author)3
I hear the bells of heaven ringingL. D. (Author)2
In a cold new tomb they laid my Lord awayL. D. (Author)2
Jesus dwells in humble heartsLuther Drummond (Author)2
Light from heaven shines upon my wayL. D. (Author)2
Marching right on, facing the dawnLuther Drummond (Author)2
Often I dream of the future aboveLuther Drummond (Author)2
Out on the stormy sea with Jesus guiding meLuther Drummond (Author)2
Since Jesus came, O praise his nameLuther Drummond (Author)2
There is no name on earth so sweet to meLuther Drummond (Author)3
Trusting in the holy name of JesusLuther Drummond (Author)2
When I see the Dove that I love up aboveL. D. (Author)2
When my heart is being triedLuther Drummond (Author)2
When shall come the time for meLuther Drummond (Author)2
When the evening of my life shall comeLuther Drummond (Author)3
When trials meet you and would defeat youLuther Drummond (Author)2
With a contrite heart I sought the LordLuther Drummond (Author)2
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