George Duffield

George Duffield
Short Name: George Duffield
Full Name: Duffield, George, 1818-1888
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1888

Duffield, George, Jr., D.D., son of the Rev. Dr. Duffield, a Presbyterian Minister, was born at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Sept. 12, 1818, and graduated at Yale College, and at the Union Theological Seminary, New York. From 1840 to 1847 he was a Presbyterian Pastor at Brooklyn; 1847 to 1852, at Bloomfield, New Jersey; 1852 to 1861, at Philadelphia; 1861 to 1865, at Adrian, Michigan; 1865 to 1869, at Galesburg, Illinois; 1869, at Saginaw City, Michigan; and from 1869 at Ann Arbor and Lansing, Michigan. His hymns include;—

1. Blessed Saviour, Thee I love. Jesus only. One of four hymns contributed by him to Darius E. Jones's Temple Melodies, 1851. It is in 6 stanzas of 6 lines. In Dr. Hatfield's Church Hymnbook it is given in 3 stanzas. The remaining three hymns of the same date are:—
2. Parted for some anxious days. Family Hymn.
3. Praise to our heavenly Father, God. Family Union.
4. Slowly in sadness and in tears. Burial.
5. Stand up, stand up for Jesus. Soldiers of the Cross. The origin of this hymn is given in Lyra Sac. Americana, 1868, p. 298, as follows:—

"I caught its inspiration from the dying words of that noble young clergyman, Rev. Dudley Atkins Tyng, rector of the Epiphany Church, Philadelphia, who died about 1854. His last words were, ‘Tell them to stand up for Jesus: now let us sing a hymn.' As he had been much persecuted in those pro-slavery days for his persistent course in pleading the cause of the oppressed, it was thought that these words had a peculiar significance in his mind; as if he had said, ‘Stand up for Jesus in the person of the downtrodden slave.' (Luke v. 18.)"

Dr. Duffield gave it, in 1858, in manuscript to his Sunday School Superintendent, who published it on a small handbill for the children. In 1858 it was included in The Psalmist, in 6 stanzas of 8 lines. It was repeated in several collections and in Lyra Sac. Amer., 1868, from whence it passed, sometimes in an abbreviated form, into many English collections. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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إنهض بفادي الأممGeorge Duffield (Author)Arabic1
Blessed Savior, thee I loveGeorge Duffield (Author)English132
Bumilegcay ken JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)Tagalog2
Carefully, tearfully, will I draw nighGeorge Duffield (Author)7
Carefully, trustingly, sinner draw nighGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Debout sainte cohorteGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Estad por Cristo firmesGeorge Duffield (Author)Spanish5
Frisch auf, frisch auf fuer Jesus! Ihr KreuzesGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Ke wehe nei ke alaulaG. Duffield (Author)Hawaiian1
Luchad, luchad por Cristo, Soldados de la cruzGeorge Duffield (Author)Spanish2
None loves me, Father, with thy loveG. Duffield (Translator)1
Once again beside the crossDuffield (Author)7
Parted for some anxious daysGeorge Duffield (Author)1
Praise to our heavenly Father, GodGeorge Duffield (Author)1
起來,起來為耶穌 (Qǐlái, qǐlái wèi yēsū)George Duffield (Author)Chinese2
Savior, like a shepherd lead usRev. G. Duffield (Author)1
Slowly, in sadness and in tearsGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Stå upp, stå upp för JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)Swedish7
Staa op, staa op for JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Stand up, stand up, for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross (Duffield)George Duffield (Author)English1452
Stand up, stand up, ye soldiers standGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Stand up, stand up for TemperanceGeorge Duffield (Author)1
Steht auf, steht auf fuer JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)2
Steht auf, steht auf zum StreiteGeo. Duffield (Author)1
Steht fest, steht fest fuer JesumGeorge Duffield (Author)7
The morning light is breaking, The darkness disappearsRev. George Duffield, Jr. (Author)English1
Tritt auf, tritt auf fuer JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)1
Voran, voran mit JesusGeorge Duffield (Author)German9
Wakaŋtaŋka yati kiŋGeorge Duffield, Jr. (Author)Dakota1
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