Helen L. Dungan

Short Name: Helen L. Dungan
Full Name: Dungan, Helen L., 1855-
Birth Year (est.): 1855

[Helen L. Dungan]
Born: Cir­ca 1855, Ohio.

The 1880 cen­sus shows Dun­gan liv­ing in Fran­klin, In­di­a­na, with her hus­band James.


Texts by Helen L. Dungan (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Faith, the rock on which we firmly restHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
Foes may lurk aroundHelen Dungan (Author)2
Is your soul aglow with loveHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing nowHelen L. Dungan (Author)4
My Father is with me to guide and to blessHelen L. Dungan (Author)4
O heart bowed down with sorrowHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
O tell me where that landHelen Dungan (Author)1
O the love of the FatherHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
Praise the Lord, ye hosts of heavenHelen L. Dungan (Author)3
Praise the name of Jesus for his tender careHelen M. Dungan (Author)8
The light of the soul is JesusMrs. Helen Dungan (Author)5
There is room for all in the army of the LordHelen Dungan (Author)2
We can make the whole day brighterHelen L. Dungan (Author)3
When conflicts are raging and dangers are nearHelen Dungan (Author)3
When earthly cares and sorrows rollHelen L. Dungan (Author)25
When over my path the clouds hang thick and darkHelen Dungan (Author)3
When the evening shadows gather And the caresHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
When the night is dark and the way is steepMrs. Helen Dungan (Author)4
Will you come and laborHelen L. Dungan (Author)2
You can make the pathway brightHelen Dungan (Author)13
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