Adalyn Evilsizer

Short Name: Adalyn Evilsizer
Full Name: Evilsizer, Adalyn, 1862-1899
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1899

Wife of Louis M. Evilsizer (L. M. Evilsizer), her full name was Ruth Adalyn Hearn Evilsizer. She was born on 05 Oct 1862 in Randolph Co, Deerfield, IN and died on 19 May 1899 in Whitfield Co, Dalton, GA aged 36. Married Louis M. Evilsizer in 1884, they divorced in 1897.

Dianne Shapiro

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As the evening shadows lengthenR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
As the sunlight beaming o'er meR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Beyond the mists of time's dull shoreAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, I am wearyAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English2
Child in thy youth's fair morningAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Claim my poor heart, dear SaviorAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Close to the Savior, near to the crossAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)4
Come, little one, with your evening prayerR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
Come, ye happy childrenR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Dear brother, the Savior is callingR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
For my sins Jesus bowed his headAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Gather in the morningR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
He that believeth that Christ is the SonAdalyn (Author)1
I am bound for the land of BeulahR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English5
I am bound for the land of corn and wineR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English4
I am but a pilgrim, and a stranger hereR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
I am redeemed, I'll shout and singAdalyn (Author)English2
I am trusting in my Savior (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
I am walking with the Savior (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
I do not ask that alwaysR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
I go rejoicing every dayAdalyn (Author)English4
I was weak in sin and a wandererR. A. Evilsizer (Author)6
I'm so happy in the light of GodR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
In the arms of Jesus I sweetly restR. A. Evilsizer (Author)6
Jesus, I love thee, seraphs above meAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Jesus loves the little children (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Lead me in the way, FatherR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
Life broadens before youAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Lo a poor and needy sinner To the cross I clingAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English5
Lonely and sad of heart nowR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Looking to thee, my SaviorR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Lord, I come to thee, believingR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Neath the banner gloriousAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English1
O come to Jesus, sinner, come (Evilsizer)Adalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
O praise the Lord, we're going homeR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
O the bells of time are chiming softlyR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English3
O the home of the soul, in my dreamingR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English3
O the precious love of Jesus, Fills my soul with joy todayR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
O the sun shines in glory above meAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English5
O we sing of Canaan fairAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English2
O why do ye wait? R. A. Evilsizer (Author)English6
Over the borders of timeAdalyn (Author)4
On to the morning landR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English2
Out in the desert the lost are strayingAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, Let all nationsR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Roses, red roses are blooming so fairR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Sailing we're sailing away o'er the seaAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
Savior, we come to Thee in our humilityAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English5
Sing praises to God for the giftAdalyn (Author)3
Speak low to me, my Savior dearAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English1
Spread the gospel news around the worldAdalyn (Author)English3
Tender heart of JesusR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
The fields lay whitening in the sunR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
The Lord has filled my heartR. A. Evilsizer (Author)4
The Lord is my Shepherd (Evilsizer)Adalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
The Master is come (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
The time of the harvest is nighR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English6
There are angels hovering ever nearR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
There is a beautiful highway of lightR. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
There is perfect peace and pardonAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a beautiful land where the sun ever shinesR. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
There's a fountain fullR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a fountain of life (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a home forever blestR. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
There's a home of beauty (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a land bright and vernalR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a land sacred storyR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There's a light that is shining, through the dark gloom liningMrs. R. A. Evilsizer (Author)English2
There's a message full of promise (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
There’s a message of hope to the dyingAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)3
There's balm for hearts that acheR. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
Though I sometimes gazeR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Though the night be long and drearR. A. Evilsizer (Author)4
Through the mists and tearsAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)English5
Thy feet have wandered far awayAdalyn (Author)English1
'Tis sweet to obey, and walkR. A. Evilsizer (Author)3
We are happy children (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
We are marching on through trialsR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
We are sailing on an ocean homeward boundR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
We are singing songs for JesusR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
We gladly meet in our Sabbath homeR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
We love to meet in the Sunday schoolR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Weary child, why faint and falterR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
When dangers assail me and hedge me aboutR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English1
When I come to Christ in prayerR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
When the God of Israel saw his chosen ones rebelR. A. Evilsizer (Author)English2
When the path grows roughR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
When the Son of man is seatedR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
When the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall arise (Evilsizer)R. A. Evilsizer (Author)English35
When the waves of time sweep over meAdalyn Evilsizer (Author)7
Where dwellest thou?Adalyn (Author)English4
While the days are gliding swiftR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
With staff in hand we treadR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
Ye wandering sinners, far from homeR. A. Evilsizer (Author)2
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