E. O. Excell

E. O. Excell
Short Name: E. O. Excell
Full Name: Excell, E. O. (Edwin Othello), 1851-1921
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1921

Edwin Othello Excel USA 1851-1921. Born at Uniontown, OH, he started working as a bricklayer and plasterer. He loved music and went to Chicago to study it under George Root. He married Eliza Jane “Jennie” Bell in 1871. They had a son, William, in 1874. A member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, he became a prominent publisher, composer, song leader, and singer of music for church, Sunday school, and evangelistic meetings. He founded singing schools at various locations in the country and worked with evangelist, Sam Jones, as his song leader for two decades. He established a music publishing house in Chicago and authored or composed over 2,000 gospel songs. While assisting Gypsy Smith in an evangelistic campaign in Louisville, KY, he became ill, and died in Chicago, IL. He published 15 gospel music books between 1882-1925. He left an estate valued at $300,000.

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Wikipedia Biography

Edwin Othello Excell (December 13, 1851 – June 10, 1921), commonly known as E. O. Excell, was a prominent American publisher, composer, song leader, and singer of music for church, Sunday school, and evangelistic meetings during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Some of the significant collaborators in his vocal and publishing work included Sam P. Jones, William E. Biederwolf, Gipsy Smith, , J. Wilbur Chapman, , Charles H. Gabriel and D. B. Towner.

Texts by E. O. Excell (55)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
我將站在王面前 (Wǒ jiāng zhàn zài wáng miànqián)Edwin O. Excell (Author)Chinese2
Am I a soldier of the crossEdwin O. Excell (Author)English1
Beclouded long my way has beenEdwin O. Excell (Author)English12
By faith the Lamb of God I seeEdwin O. Excell (Author)English18
Cantar de él deseo yoEdwin Excell (Author)Spanish3
Come to the Savior, O come and confessEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
Con gozo canto al SeñorE. O. Excell (Author)Spanish3
Do you know the world is dyingE. O. E. (Author)English33
Einst schaut' durch Thr'nen ich hinaufEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
Father, I stretch my hands to theeEdwin Othello Excell, 1851-1921 (Author (stanza 5))English1
Flag of the free, Sing we praises to TheeE. O. Excell (Author)English15
Foer var konungs tron en gongEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
Gathering homeward from every landE. O. E. (Arranger)English1
Have you found a hiding placeE. O. E. (Author)English3
He mele ko'u a'u i oli aiEdwin O. Excell, 1851-1921 (Author)Hawaiian2
Hear the Savior sweetly saying, Call them in, make no delayE. O. E. (Author)English5
Hear you not the voice of JesusEdwin O. Excell (Author)English5
Hoer du ej hur v'rlden l'ngtarEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
How lost was my conditionE. O. E. (Arr.)English3
I have a song I love to sing, Since I have been redeemedEdwin O. Excell (Author)English162
I need thee, gracious OneEdwin O. Excell (Author)English3
I was out on the ocean sailingEdwin O. Excell (Author)4
In looking through my tears one dayE. O. E. (Author)English78
In vain I've tried a thousand ways My fear to quell, my hopes to raiseEdwin O. Excell (Author)26
Jesús te necesita, cristiana juventudE. O. Excell (Author)Spanish2
Jesus invited me to come unto himEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
Jesus is a Friend of mine (Excell)E. O. Excell (Author)2
Knocking, knocking with pierced handsE. O. E. (Author)English2
Komm, heil'ger Geist, zu mirE. O. Excell (Author)German2
List, the Spirit calls to thee, Will you be saved by the blood?Edwin O. Excell (Author)English40
Mein tränend Auge wagte einstE. O. Excell (Author)German1
Min sj'l, 'r sad, lycklig i JesusEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
My robes were once all [so] stained with sinE. O. E. (Author)English29
My soul is so happy in JesusE. O. E. (Author)English70
Neath the shadow of the AlmightyE. O. E. (Author)English13
Our Father, 'tis to thee, We bring this earnest pleaEdwin O. Excell (Author)1
Pagayatac a cantaanE. O. Excell (Author)Tagalog2
Praise ye the Father, let every heart give thanksE. O. Excell Co. (Author)1
Praise ye the Father, let every nation join to singE. O. E. (Author)7
Reisst einst im Tode das irdischeEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
Savior, hear me while I pray, Be My God and be my stayE. O. E. (Author)English3
Seele, was hält dich vom Heilande fernEdwin O. Excell (Author)German2
Tell me the old, old story, Tell it, for 'tis always new E. O. E. (Arranger)English2
The love of Jesus, who can tellE. O. Excell (Author)English28
There is a spot that to me is dearEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
To thee, our own, our native landE. O. E. (Adapter)2
Vor dem König werd' ich stehnEdwin O. Excell (Author)German1
Wake the song, wake the songE. O. Excell (Author)3
We shall stand before the KingE. O. E. (Author)English35
We're going home, we'll soon be thereEdwin O. Excell (Author)2
What hast thou done to show thy loveEdwin O. Excell (Author)English2
What if the watchman should cry aloudE. O. E. (Author)English4
Why do you linger in darkness so longEdwin O. Excell (Author)English28
Will you meet me in the morning, On that bright and golden shore?E. O. E. (Author)English6
Yo tengo un himno que entonarEdwin O. Excell (Author)Spanish3

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