Alfred V. Fedak

Short Name: Alfred V. Fedak
Full Name: Fedak, Alfred V., 1953-
Birth Year: 1953 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Alfred V. Fedak (53)sort descendingAsInstances
AGIOS, O THEOSAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)2
ANCIENT BEAUTYAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
BEACH HAVENAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)2
BEACH SPRINGAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
BOOKENDSAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)2
CANTICUM NOVUMAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)2
CHURCH UNITEDAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)5
CONDITOR ALME SIDERUMAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
COSTLY GIFTSAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)3
DA N’ASEAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)3
DEO GRACIAS (English)Alfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)2
EARTHRISEAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
EBENEZER (Williams)Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)1
ECCE, DEUSAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)4
ENDLESS FEASTAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)4
ESTE ES EL DIAAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
EVERYONE WHO LONGSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)2
GENEVAN 77Alfred Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)3
GENEVAN 89Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)1
PROMISED ONEAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
GRATIA PLENAAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
[Hail and Hosanna!]Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)4
HANDS OF THE POORAlfred V. Fedak, 1953- (Composer)2
HERE I AM, LORDAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
PASSION CHORALE (Hassler)Alfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
HESYCHIAAlfred V. Fedak, 1953- (Composer)3
HOLY MANNAAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
JEFFERSONAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)1
KANCIONAL NEWAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
KINGSFOLDAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
LAKELANDAlfred Fedak (Composer)2
LUX TREMENDAAlfred Victor Fedak (b. 1953) (Composer)4
MYRRH-BEARING MARYAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)2
NEW DISCIPLES (Fedak)Alfred V. Fedak, 1953- (Composer)3
[O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth]Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)2
OLD 104THAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
PCOCSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)2
PETER'S BROOKAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)2
PISGAHAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
[Make me a channel of your peace]Alfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
PUER NOBIS NASCITURAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
RESTORATIONAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)1
RYBURNAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)3
SALLEY GARDENSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
SIXTH NIGHTAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)11
SOUTH BRANCHAlfred Fedak (Composer (adapt.))2
SUO GANAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
TAKE UP THE SONGAlfred Victor Fedak (b. 1953) (Composer)3
TO MY PRECIOUS LORDAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
TROMBLEYAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
VATER UNSERAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)2
WILD MOUNTAIN THYMEAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)1
[You are a chosen race]Alfred V Fedak (Composer)2
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