M. P. Ferguson

Short Name: M. P. Ferguson
Full Name: Ferguson, M. P. (Manie Payne), 1850-1932
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1932

Texts by M. P. Ferguson (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Every boon that heaven can grantManie Payne (Author)1
Fairest of all the earth besideMamie P. Ferguson (Author)9
Galilee's waters are ragingManie Payne Ferguson (Author)2
Heaven of heavens and mountains hoaryMamie P. Ferguson (Author)2
I love the lovely will of GodMamie Payne Ferguson (Author)2
I wandered afar from God and from homeMamie Payne (Author)2
I wandered far from God and homeMamie P. Ferguson (Author)3
Jesus saves me, this I knowManie Payne (Author)4
Jesus thou hast bid me liveMamie P. Ferguson (Author)4
Joys are flowing like a riverMrs. M. P. Ferguson, 19th Century (Author)137
Judean hills were wrapt in gloomManie Payne Ferguson (Author)2
Like the lilies toiling not, Casting every care on JesusMamie P. Ferguson (Author)4
My spirit bows before TheeMamie P. Ferguson (Author)2
O what shall it profit thee, brotherM. P. Ferguson (Author)10
Sheltered in the Rock of Ages, kept from sin and all alarmsMamie P. Ferguson (Author)2
The love of God, this shoreless seaMrs. Manie Payne Ferguson (Author)3
Thine iniquity swells like the tideMamie P. Ferguson (Author)8
Thy transgressions roll onMamie P. Ferguson (Author)2
What a wonderful GodMamie P. Ferguson (Author)3
Write, blessed are the deadMamie P. Ferguson (Author)2
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