Hans Fiehler

Short Name: Hans Fiehler
Full Name: Fiehler, Hans

Hans Fiehler, known as Hans-im-Glück or Hans in Luck, his real name was Johannes Baptist Fiehler. He was the son of Heinrich Fiehler, a Baptist preacher. He served as a German officer in World War I with nationalistic fervor, but was broken by the realities of war, and afterwards was a pacifist. He took to the road talking and singing of "the time that will come," as his hymn "Mankind's ice age had enclosed us" expresses. He visited the Sannerz community often in the 1920s. The Sannerz community, known as the Bruderhof (place of brothers), was a religious community founded by Eberhard and Emmy Arnold.

Dianne Shapiro, from Wikipedia article about "Sonnenlieder" (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonnenlieder) and Google Group about the Bruderhof Communities (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/bruderhof-community/-5cdGAkijwk) and email sent to Hymnary by Gregor Helms. Also, Marlys Swinger, DNAH Archives

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Glow, firefly, glowHans Fiehler ("Hans im Glück") (Author)2
Gluehwuermchen, gluehHans Fiehler (Author)1
Mankind's ice age had enclosed to usHans Fiehler (Hans im Glück) (Author)2
Menscheits-Eiszeit war gewordenHans Fiehler (Author)1
Through the gates to man's new ageHans Fiehler (Hans im Glück) (Author)2
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