Friedrich Filitz

Short Name: Friedrich Filitz
Full Name: Filitz, Friedrich, 1804-1876
Birth Year: 1804
Death Year: 1876

Born: March 16, 1804, Arnstadt, Thuringia.
Died: December 8, 1876, Bonn, Germany.

Known as a music critic and historian, Filitz worked in Berlin from 1843-47, then moved to Munich. With Eck, he published a collection of 16th and 17th Century chorales in 1845. His other works include:

Vierstimmiges Choralbuch herausgegeben von Dr F Filitz (Berlin: 1847)

Tunes by Friedrich Filitz (5)sort descendingAsInstances
CAPETOWNFriedrich Filitz (Composer)67
WEM IN LEIDENSTAGENFriedrich Filitz (Composer)92
CLEWERFriedrich Filitz (Composer)3
MANNHEIMFriedrich Filitz (Composer)33
ST. MARTIN (Ett's Cantica Sacra)F. Filitz (Composer)1
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