David Fines

Short Name: David Fines
Full Name: Fines, David, 1957-
Birth Year: 1957
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And when you call for me (Et lorsque to m'appelles)David Fines (Translator (French))2
God bless to us our breadDavid Fines (Translator (French))1
Bread for the journey, Food for the way (Pain por la route) David Fines (Translator (French))2
Come, O Holy Spirit, set the Church on fire (Saint-Esprit, viens, oh viens saisis ton Église)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Cradle me in your arms (Berce-moi en tes bras)David Fines (Paraphraser (French))2
Don't be afraid. My love is strongerDavid Fines (Translator (French))1
Gather us in, ground us in you (Rassemble-nous, tout près de toi)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Glory to God, glory to God, glory in the highest! (¡Gloria a Dios, Gloria a Dios, Gloria en los cielos!)David Fines (Translator (French))1
I have called you by your name, you are mine (Tu sais...je t'ai apppelé par ton nom)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Mungu ni nwema (Know that God is good)David Fines (Translator (French))1
Know that God is here (Dieu est toujours présent)David Fines (Fr. tr. (Refrain))2
Kyrie eleisonDavid Fines (Translator (French))4
Let us build a house where love can dwellDavid Fines (Translator (French))1
Open our hearts, open our minds (Ouvre nos oeurs, ouvre os pensées)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Precious these waters, endless seas (Précieuses song les eaux)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Reamo leboga (To God our thanks we give)David Fines (Translator (French))2
River, rush-a-down to the ocean blue (Rivière, coule, coule vers l'océan)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Take, O take me as I amDavid Fines (Translator (French))1
There is room for all in the shadow of God's wing (Chacun a sa place á l'abri sous l'aile de Dieu)David Fines (Translator (French))2
This is the day that God has made; We will rejoice and be glad! (Voici le jour que Dieu a fait)David Fines (Translator (French))2
Three things I promise, Holy God (Ce que je promets ô Dieu saint)David Fines (Translator (French))2
We sing of your gloryDavid Fines (Translator (French))1
When we gather at the table (Quand nous venons à la table)David Fines (Translator (French))2

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