Warren R. Fitch

Short Name: Warren R. Fitch
Full Name: Fitch, Warren Rodolphus, 1836-1917
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year: 1917

Born: December 1, 1836, Rodman, New York.
Died: February 28, 1917, Lowville, New York.

A Methodist Episcopal minister, Fitch ran general stores in Morristown and Briar Hill, New York. He served as Justice of the Peace, Town Supervisor, and Postmaster at Brier Hill, and as treasurer of the Thousand Island Park Association. He also edited the Lowville Times, and wrote religious and other poetry.


Texts by Warren R. Fitch (23)sort descendingAsInstances
A mansion in glory by faith I now seeW. R. Fitch (Author)2
God of all might, our fathers' GodW. R. Fitch (Author)3
God's love is eternalW. R. Fitch (Author)3
Heard ye not voice from heavenW. R. Fitch (Author)2
How sweet the song the angels sangW. R. Fitch (Author)2
I am heir to a crownW. R. Fitch (Author)3
I know not the field where the master todayRev. W. R. Fitch (Author)5
I shall not pass this way againW. R. Fitch (Author)3
If from the straight and narrow wayRev. W. R. Fitch (Author)2
If from the straight and narrow wayW. R. Fitch (Author)2
If I should die tonight, can I be sureW. R. Fitch (Author)4
I'll follow whee my Master leadsW. R. Fitch (Author)2
Jesus, Friend of sinners, thouRev. W. R. Fitch (Author)3
Like ocean tides which ebb and flowW. R. Fitch (Author)2
Of all my earthly treasures there is none to me so dearRev. W. R. Fitch (Author)2
Of all my eathly treasuresW. R. Fitch (Author)2
That I shall greet again some dayW. R. Fitch (Author)2
The bread that giveth [bringeth] strength I want to giveW. R. Fitch (Author)1
The fields are all white for the harvestW. R. Fitch (Author)3
This day is mine, Tomorrow may not beW. R. Fitch (Author)4
Though from my Savior's side I strayW. R. Fitch (Author)3
Thy word, gracious Lord, I have hid in my heartRev. W. R. Fitch (Author)3
Where'er our starry flag doth waveW. R. Fitch (Author)2
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