Grace J. Frances

Short Name: Grace J. Frances
Full Name: Frances, Grace J. (See also Crosby, Fanny)

Pseudonym. See also Crosby, Fanny, 1820-1915

Texts by Grace J. Frances (135)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Arise, go forth to conquer, Young champions for the LordG. J. Frances (Author)English7
As the buds their leaves unfoldingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
As the distant streams unitingGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
As the host of God, to battle with the foeGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
As the rosy beams of descendingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
At early morn, with trembling stepGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Awake, and shout HosannaGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
Beautiful hills of gloryGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Behold the lovely springtimeGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
Breaking through the clouds that gatherGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
Carry the standard bravelyGrace J. Frances (Author)English6
Cease my heart, these earthly clingingsGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Come from the world apartGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Come in, come in, O Savior mineGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Come, learn of the meek and lowlyGrace J. Frances (Author)English7
Come, my Redeemer, come, Be Thou my stayGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Coming, coming, we are comingGrace J. Frances (Author)English6
Coming now with footsteps freeGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Coming out of darkness, coming into lightGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Do not let us longer tarry when there's work that must be doneGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Early, O my SaviorGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Falling, falling, ever fallingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Far away amid the darknessGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Fass, meine Hand, Ich bin so schwach und hilflosGrace J. Frances (Author)German2
Firm on the Rock I standGrace J. Frances (Author)English8
Gentle Savior, meek and lowly, Precious name so dear to meGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Gird on the royal armor Go forth in Jesus' nameGrace J. Frances (Author)English8
Go forward, the signal is waving afarGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
God is love, the gentle summer tellsGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Gliding over life's fitful watersGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Hallelujah, Jesus saves me, O the sweet and precious storyGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Happy little pilgrims, we should never be sadGrace J. Frances (Author)English6
Happy we, young and freeGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Hark! hark! the bellsGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Hast thou trimmed thy lamp, my brotherGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Haste away, O haste awayGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
He knows, let this my comfortGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Herr, prüfe mich, erfahre meinen SinnGrace J. Frances (Author)German2
Hold Thou my hand so weak I am and helplessGrace J. Frances (Author)English13
How like the fearful giantGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I am resting in hope, I am looking awayGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I am resting on the promise of the blessed KingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I am toiling on a restless oceanGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
I came to the fountain of blessing, And looking to Jesus in prayerGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I have stood upon the mountainGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I hear a loving voiceGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I know there's a rest that remaineth for meGrace J. Frances (Author)English8
I need Thee, O my Savior, When doubts and fears ariseGrace J. Frances (Author)English5
I would ever follow TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English12
If we want to dwell with JesusGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
In pastures green He leadeth meGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
In the temple sang the childrenGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
I've been to the fountain of blessingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Jesus from bondage His people will saveGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Jesus, Savior, on thy breastGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Jesus, Savior, we have promisedGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Just beyond the silent river, Over on the other shoreGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Keep close to the Savior, O turn not asideGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Like the pretty pansiesGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Like the sound of many waters Rolling on through ages longGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Little hands are clapping nowGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Lo, the day is overGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Look up, look up O watchmanGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Marching, we are marchingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Mein Leib und Seele freuen sich dein!Grace J. Frances (Author)German2
Mi mano ten, Señor, pues flaco y débilGrace F. Frances, 1820-1915 (Author)Spanish4
Mi mano ten, Señor, pues yo soy débilGrace J. Frances, 1823-1915 (Author)Spanish1
'Mid the wild and fearful blastGrace J. Frances (Author)English7
My blessed Redeemer, I'm trusting in TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Never lose the golden ruleGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
O Lord, my heart is thineGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O Lord, my soul is happy in TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English12
O my Redeemer, what a Friend thou art to meGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O my restless, longing soulGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O my Savior, hear me, Draw me close to TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
O Savior, teach us how to prayGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O summer, lovely summerGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O troubled heart, why seek in vainGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O what a message is Thine to meGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O what shall we gain if the cross we takeGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
O, come to the Savior, believe in His nameGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
On, marching on, while another year returningGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Once again, before Thy throneGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Only a parting word, then we must goGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Our willing service, Lord to TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Out on the mountain, sad and forsakenGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Praise the Rock of our salvation, Praise the mighty God above!Grace J. Frances (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, the rock of our salvationGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Precious, happy meetingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Press on, press on, with eager joyGrace J. Frances (Author)English7
Rally, soldiers, one and allGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Rejoice, rejoice, believer, And let thy joy and glory ever beGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
Resting just a momentGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Ring on, ring on, glad Easter bellsGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Sabbath day of sweet refreshingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Savior, bless the children's hourGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Search me, O Lord, and try this heart of mineGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Since Christ is mine, and I am HisGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Smiling in its virgin beautyGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Sound the gospel trumpet, over the ocean wideGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Stars of night have now departedGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Thanks to God whose hand has led us through another happy yearGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
The gospel trumpet sounds, Let those that hear obeyGrace J. Frances (Author)English7
There are songs that rise from our glad young heartsGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
There is joy in my heart today, blessed LordGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
There's a Friend that abides evermoreGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
There's a grand old song over the world todayGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
There's a mansion now preparingGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
There's a song that comes from the years long pastGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
They crowned our Savior's brow with thornsGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Thy word is a lamp to my feet, O Lord (Crosby)Grace J. Frances (Author)English6
Time is made of little momentsGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Toil on and pray, EndeavorersGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Toil on and pray, O reapersGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
Trustfully, trustfully, come I to TheeGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Up and away while the blush of the morningGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We are children of a King Marching on to ZionGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We are happy children, Shall we tell you whyGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We are happy gleaners In the field belowGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
We are little children, Very young indeedGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
We are pilgrims traveling homewardGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We bless Thy name, O Lord, While in Thy house we meetGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We come to ask Thy blessing, LordGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
We lift our hearts to Thee, Thou glorious majestyGrace J. Frances (Author)English5
We never grow weary of telling The story of Jesus our KingGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Weary wanderer, stop and listenGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
We're soldiers of an armyGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
What a shout was heard in the realms of lightGrace J. Frances (Author)English5
When at morn we wake from sleepGrace J. Frances (Author)English3
When our way is hedged about usGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
When we hear the distant murmurGrace J. Frances (Author)English1
Wherefore should our heart be troubledGrace J. Frances (Author)English4
With our banners and shields, like an armyGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
Wonderful love that found usGrace J. Frances (Author)English7
Wonderful Savior, to love us so wellGrace J. Frances (Author)English2
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