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Marian Froelich

Short Name: Marian Froelich
Full Name: Froelich, Marian

Marian (or Marion) Froelich, 19th Century, was apparently the wife of organist and composer Gideon Froelich.

At Je­sus’ Feet
Bring on the Vol­un­teers
Cedars and the Pines, The
Child of Beth­le­hem, The
Christmas Morning
Christmas Mu­sic
Dare Ye to Stand?
Day Is Break­ing, The
Easter Af­ter Cal­va­ry
Happy Greet­ings Bring­ing
Glorious Re­sur­rect­ion
Glory to Beth­le­hem
God of the Sea­sons
Good Ship Zi­on, The
Kings of the Or­i­ent
Led, Safe­ly Led
Nature’s God, Cre­at­or Wise
Old New Song, The
Our Sab­bath School
Press On and Ne­ver Fear
Sail Not With­out the Mas­ter
Send Out the Life-Lines
Sing Ho­san­na
Upward, Ev­er Up­ward
Victory, Vic­to­ry Sing
Water of Life, The
Welcome To­day
What "Lit­tle O"


Texts by Marian Froelich (135)sort descendingAsInstances
After rain, the sunshine, after night, the dayMarian Froelich (Author)2
Among the blessed titlesMarian Froelich (Author)2
As near Jerusalem of oldMarian Froelich (Author)2
At life's mountain base we lingerMarian Froelich (Author)2
Bowed with the weight of her anguishMarian Froelich (Author)3
Branch and bushes shivering, coweredMarian Froelich (Author)2
Bright the arch of heaven is spreadingMarian Froelich (Author)4
Can you tell me, can you tell meMarian Froelich (Author)2
Christmas music merrily wakes the echoesMarian Froelich (Author)7
Climb the steeps of life, my brotherMarian Froelich (Author)2
Close to the throne of God aboveMarian Froelich (Author)2
Come in, come in to the banquetMarian Froelich (Author)2
Dare ye, boys, to stand undauntedMarian Froelich (Author)3
Day by day a guiding handMarian Froelich (Author)2
Doors of gold and gemmed with splendorMarian Froelich (Author)2
Down from the ramparts of glory and mightMarian Froelich (Author)6
Each year, in numbers growingMarian Froelich (Author)3
Earth's flowered vales are fair to seeMarian Froelich (Author)2
Embark, embark, the ship of Zion spreads her sailsMarian Froelich (Author)2
Farewell, the children's day must closeMarian Froelich (Author)3
Farewell, this festal day must closeMarian Froelich (Author)2
Forth we go, with joy aglowMarian Froelich (Author)2
Forward line, to musicMarian Froelich (Author)2
From mossy hiding placesMarian Froelich (Author)2
From the earth with time's probationMarian Froelich (Author)5
Give me the world, for I want it for JesusMarian Froelich (Author)2
Give us to drink, FatherMarian Froelich (Author)2
Glad angels, the glory of heaven forsakingMarian Froelich (Author)2
Glory's kiss awoke the morningMarian Froelich (Author)4
Guardians from on high attend usMarian Froelich (Author)2
Hail, happy anniversary dayMarian Froelich (Author)2
Happy in the morningMarian Froelich (Author)2
Hark, mysterious through the nightMarian Froelich (Author)3
Hark, the clarion note is soundingMarian Froelich (Author)2
Hark, the voice of raging battleMarian Froelich (Author)2
Here find I rest and peaceMarian Froelich (Author)4
I come from the east on the wings of the morningMarian Froelich (Author)3
I heard his call, though distant far it soundedMarian Froelich (Author)2
In eastern lands a bowerMarian Froelich (Author)2
In the name of God JehovahMarian Froelich (Author)2
In the tops of the cedars and pinesMarian Froelich (Author)3
In this war no musketsMarian Froelich (Author)2
Israel, hear the Lord's commandMarian Froelich (Author)2
Its shining course the yearMarian Froelich (Author)2
Jubilant the songs that thunderMarian Froelich (Author)2
Just across the silent river, where God's hosts adoreMarian Froelich (Author)2
King alcohol sat at his royal spread boardMarian Froelich (Author)2
King of the land of lightMarian Froelich (Author)2
Let memory take the retrospectMarian Froelich (Author)2
Like a river flowing Gently to the seaMarian Froelich (Author)4
Like an ocean sweep the agesMarian Froelich (Author)2
Long we've heard the batteries thunderMarian Froelich (Author)2
Lord, bless our Sabbath school todayMarian Froelich (Author)5
Loud was the cheer and discordant the songMarian Froelich (Author)2
No night so dark but through its gloomMarian Froelich (Author)2
Now to the child of BethlehemMarian Froelich (Author)3
O could we but express in wordsMarian Froelich (Author)2
O Jesus, Rose of Sharon And lily of the valeMarian Froelich (Author)2
O kings from eastern shoreMarian Froelich (Author)3
O, merry anniversary dayMarian Froelich (Author)2
O paradise, O Eden brightMarian Froelich (Author)3
O portals fair, O heavenly gatesMarian Froelich (Author)2
O Shepherd, one lamb from the fold is astrayMarian Froelich (Author)3
O, strange is the scene in the gardenMarian Froelich (Author)3
O who will tell the storyMarian Froelich (Author)2
O'er the holy city slumberingMarian Froelich (Author)3
O, shout aloud, saloons must goMarian Froelich (Author)2
O stay thy hand from the brimming cupMarian Froelich (Author)2
Our hearts are singing with joy todayMarian Froelich (Author)2
Pleading with eyes look softly upwardMarian Froelich (Author)2
Praise shall resound from the hillside and valleyMarian Froelich (Author)2
Praise the Lord for childhood's daysMarian Froelich (Author)3
See, intemperance is advancingMarian Froelich (Author)2
Send the cause of temperance rollingMarian Froelich (Author)2
Serried ranks of thousandsMarian Froelich (Author)2
Softly close thine eyesMarian Froelich (Author)3
Songs of jubilee, joyous melodyMarian Froelich (Author)2
Sound your praises with holy adorationMarian Froelich (Author)2
Spring is reigning now triumphantMarian Froelich (Author)2
Spring's blithesome steps again have strayedMarian Froelich (Author)3
Strike the cymbal of salvationMarian Froelich (Author)3
Sweet joy with tender hand is leadingMarian Froelich (Author)1
Sweet June with tender hand is leadingMarian Froelich (Author)3
Swift as the shuttleMarian Froelich (Author)2
Tell it with gladness, O ye believersMarian Froelich (Author)2
The earth is awaking to jubilee's yearMarian Froelich (Author)2
The fires are burning fiercelyMarian Froelich (Author)2
The God of seasons moved the wheelMarian Froelich (Author)2
The Master has given with bountiful handsMarian Froelich (Author)3
The Master is calling you, calling to workMarian Froelich (Author)2
The people of JerusalemMarian Froelich (Author)2
The pine tree stood in the summer daysMarian Froelich (Author)2
The star eyed daisies dot the groundMarian Froelich (Author)4
The sun sends forth her golden beamsMarian Froelich (Author)2
The waters rippled softly on GalileeMarian Froelich (Author)2
The waves are rising highMarian Froelich (Author)3
The word of prophets is fulfilledMarian Froelich (Author)3
There's a ring to the cheer that we send up todayMarian Froelich (Author)2
Though fair the scenes that greet the eyeMarian Froelich (Author)2
Throngs went out to meet the SaviorMarian Froelich (Author)2
Through the glorious heavenly archesMarian Froelich (Author)3
Time, the circling seasons wingingMarian Froelich (Author)2
'Tis spreading, 'tis spreading, the glow in the skyMarian Froelich (Author)3
Up the mount of Zion strivingMarian Froelich (Author)5
Wake the Christmas carolsMarian Froelich (Author)3
Walking through the crowded cityMarian Froelich (Author)2
Waving banners, standardsMarian Froelich (Author)2
We are going out to battleMarian Froelich (Author)2
We are marching forwardMarian Froelich (Author)2
We bid a long and a glad goodbyeMarian Froelich (Author)2
We come with happy greetings, To all the childrenMarian Froelich (Author)3
We give our banners to the breezeMarian Froelich (Author)2
We long to be thine, O blest Savior divineMarian Froelich (Author)2
We meet today with sacred joyMarian Froelich (Author)2
We shout our watchword as we forward goMarian Froelich (Author)2
We sing the song forever newMarian Froelich (Author)2
We welcome thy coming, O blest Easter dayMarian Froelich (Author)2
We will take the helmet of salvationMarian Froelich (Author)3
Welcome again to our festival dayMarian Froelich (Author)2
We'll take the armor of our GodMarian Froelich (Author)2
We're climbing the heavenly ladderMarian Froelich (Author)5
We're heirs to a noble heritageMarian Froelich (Author)2
What tree is this that towers so highMarian Froelich (Author)2
When mid the music of the spheresMarian Froelich (Author)3
When the harps of gold are ringingMarian Froelich (Author)5
When the Sabbath morning comes with holy calmMarian Froelich (Author)2
When the winter snow descendedMarian Froelich (Author)3
Where blossoms fair, sweet Sharon's RoseMarian Froelich (Author)2
While fields are decked with beautyMarian Froelich (Author)2
While summer suns are ripeningMarian Froelich (Author)2
Who are the countless numberMarian Froelich (Author)2
With cloudless sky we startedMarian Froelich (Author)5
With radiant joy we hailMarian Froelich (Author)2
With steady steps we're treadingMarian Froelich (Author)3
Ye men of earnest, honest toilMarian Froelich (Author)2
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