James W. Gaines

Short Name: James W. Gaines
Full Name: Gaines, James Washington, 1880-1937
Birth Year: 1880
Death Year: 1937

Born: January 23, 1881, Hiram, Kaufman County, Texas.
Died: June 3, 1937, Oakville, Tennessee.
Buried: Edmondson Cemetery, Southaven, Mississippi.

In 1900, Gaines was living in Kauffman, Texas. He worked with the Trio and/or Quartet Music Companies in Waco, Texas, and married Laurel Life around 1904. Their daughter Mia was born in Texas around 1906, and their son Charles Life Gaines in Missouri around 1907. The family moved to Tennessee by World War I, when Gaines was drafted for military service. After the war, he ran a music publishing company in Memphis, Tennessee. His works include:

The Gospel Messenger (Memphis, Tennessee: J. W. Gaines Music Company, 1931)
Revival Tidings (Memphis, Tennessee: Gaines Music Company, 1932)


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Although all my friends forsake meJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Are you preparing the Savior to meetJames W. Gaines (Author)2
As I travel on my journey through this world belowJames W. Gaines (Author)2
As the sunlight shinesJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Before Thy throne, dear LordJames W. Gaines (Author)3
Close to the cross of Jesus, Under the crimson tideJames W. Gaines (Author)3
Come, let us praise our RedeemerJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Come with rejoicing for the Lord is risenJames W. Gaines (Author)4
Deep was my soul beneath the great debtJames W. Gaines (Author)4
Enter the harvest fieldJames W. Gaines (Author)2
For you, dear sinner, the Savior cameJames W. Gaines (Author)3
From his royal throne, Jesus came to earthJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Glorious gospel of peace and loveJames W. Gaines (Author)4
Glory songs were echoed on the earthJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Go and tell to every nationJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Go at the dawn of the morningJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Go forth and tell the storyJames W. Gaines (Author)4
I am anchored in my Redeemer's loveJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am clinging to the cross of my crucified LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am glad that I came to the SaviorJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am going over yonderJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am going to a home where no sorrowsJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am on the road to heavenJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am so happy, for JesusJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am waiting at the cross of my blessed LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I am walking in the highway of my blessed kingJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I have a home all bright and fairJames W. Gaines (Author)4
I have faith that's firm in the CrucifiedJames W. Gaines (Author)3
I have started on my journey to the glory landJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I want to hear the messageJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I want to live, dear Lord, for TheeJames W. Gaines (Author)9
I want to live for Jesus (Gaines)James W. Gaines (Author)2
If you are living away from the LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
If you believe the promise of JesusJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I'm living near my blessed LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I'm trusting in Jesus to leadJames W. Gaines (Author)2
In a city with the angels fairJames W. Gaines (Author)11
In the palace of my kingJames W. Gaines (Author)1
In this weary land belowJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I've a song of gladness ringingJames W. Gaines (Author)2
I've entered the service of my blessed LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Just beyond this vale of sorrowJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Let the banner be unfurledJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Many years I spent in sin's dark wayJames W. Gaines (Author)2
My happy soul is glory boundJames W. Gaines (Author)3
My Redeemer gave his life on CalvaryJames W. Gaines (Author)2
My Savior came into my soulJames W. Gaines (Author)2
My Savior has gone to prepare for meJames W. Gaines (Author)6
My Savior has washed me as white as the snowJames W. Gaines (Author)2
My service here below, dear LordJames W. Gaines (Author)3
No matter how dreary or rugged the wayJames W. Gaines (Author)1
Now the fight is raging, right with wrongJames W. Gaines (Author)3
O blessed Rock of Ages, O Lamb of CalvaryJames W. Gaines (Author)8
Often I away have turnedJames W. Gaines (Author)2
On the sea of life, mid the cares and strifeJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Over yonder by the riverJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Rejoice and sing unto the LordJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Savior divine, I come to TheeJames W. Gaines (Author)2
See the evil host before usJames W. Gaines (Author)4
See the evil hosts of sin assailingJames W. Gaines (Author)7
Since Jesus came into my lifeJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Sinner, come now while you mayJames W. Gaines (Author)1
Somewhere in the land of loveJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Songs of gladness bringing a message of loveJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Soon the toils of life will ceaseJ. W. G. (Author)17
Soon we'll lay our armor downJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The blessed Savior ever knowsJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The hand that can save is reachingJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The harvest field is ripe and readyJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The Lord is King, let earth rejoice (Gaines)James W. Gaines (Author)2
The Master calls for workers trueJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The morning of my life pastJames W. Gaines (Author)2
The Savior stands outside the doorJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There is a home in heaven, prepared for all the blestJames W. Gaines (Author)1
There is a land of pure delight, BeyondJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There is life and peace for your weary soulJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There will be a brighter dayJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There's a city of gladnessJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There's a guiding star, shining from afarJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There's a land of joy eternalJames W. Gaines (Author)2
There's only one way to reach heavenJames W. Gaines (Author)1
Though I'm deserted and friendless belowJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Though sin and strife may fill the landJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Though this life be filled with careJames W. Gaines (Author)2
To view thy cross, dear SaviorJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Trusting Jesus every momentJames W. Gaines (Author)1
We are loyal soldiers marching to the fightJames W. Gaines (Author)2
What a wonderful love our Redeemer has shownJames W. Gaines (Author)2
What have you done in the Master's dear nameJames W. Gaines (Author)6
When Jesus comes again to gather His ownJ. W. G. (Author)12
When the world was deep in sinJames W. Gaines (Author)2
When thinking of my Savior dearJames W. Gaines (Author)2
When we meet in heaven aboveJames W. Gaines (Author)3
Who will volunteer todayJames W. Gaines (Author)3
Why do you longer the Savior refuseJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Wonderful story of Jesus who cameJames W. Gaines (Author)2
Years I spent in sin's dark valleyRev. J. W. Gaines (Author)2
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