Howard Charles Adie Gaunt

Short Name: Howard Charles Adie Gaunt
Full Name: Gaunt, Howard Charles Adie, 1902-
Birth Year: 1902
Death Year: 1983

Wikipedia Biography

Howard Charles Adie Gaunt (13 November 1902 – 1 February 1983) was an English schoolmaster and clergyman who also played first-class cricket for Warwickshire in 11 matches between 1919 and 1922. He was born at Edgbaston, Birmingham and died at Winchester, Hampshire.

Texts by Howard Charles Adie Gaunt (11)sort descendingAsInstances
Come, Lord, to our souls come downH. C. A. Gaunt (Author)12
Dear Lord, to you again our gifts we bringHenry Charles Adie Gaunt, 1902-1983 (Author)2
Eternal Father, Lord of lifeH. C. A. Gaunt (1902-1983) (Author)2
Glory to thee, O God, For all thy saints in lightH. C. A. Gaunt (Author)4
Glory to you, O God, For all your saints in lightHoward Charles Adie Gaunt (Author)3
Jesus, my Lord, let me be near YouH. C. A. Gaunt, 1902-83 (Author)3
Lord Jesus, once you spoke to menH. C. A. Gaunt (1902-1983) (Author)1
O God, by whose almighty planH. C. A. Gaunt (Author)4
Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicingHoward C. A. Gaunt (Author)8
Ride and hear! The Lord is speakingH. C. A. Gaunt (Author)2
Rise and hear! The Lord is speakingHoward Charles Adie Gaunt (Author)3

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