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Walter Bond Gilbert

Walter Bond Gilbert
Short Name: Walter Bond Gilbert
Full Name: Gilbert, Walter Bond, 1829-1910
Birth Year: 1829
Death Year: 1910

Walter Bond Gilbert DMus United Kingdom 1829-1910. Born at Exeter, Devon, England, he studied music under Alfred Angel, Samuel Wesley and Henry Bishop. He attended New College, Oxford and the University of Toronto, Canada. He was organist in Devon at Topsham in 1847, Bideford in 1849, Kent at Tonbridge in 1854, Old Colliegiate Church, Maidstone in 1859, Lee in 1866, Boston, Lincolnshirein 1868, and Trinity Chapel in New York City in 1869-1897. He taught music at Tonbridge School, helped found the College of Organists, edited the America Episcopal Hymnal, and wrote a number of monographs, including “Antiquities of Maidstone”. He continued to write church music, producing services, oratorios (including “The Restoration of Israel and St. John, 1857), organ works, and anthems. He died at Headington, Oxford, England.

John Perry

Tunes by Walter Bond Gilbert (92)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ALLELUIA (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133321 71232 54321
ANGELICA (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133435 32234 56715
BALTIMORE (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)113456 51322 35322
BARDEN (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)111432 23345 35431
BLOOMINGDALEWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)151367 32177 72765
BOSTON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132124 32176 3563
BREVOORTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155565 11121 33343
CANTATEWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155565 45351 17654
CANTORWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133456 71765 33455
CAPUTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134567 15565 43325
CARMINEWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)131651 32123 45431
COLLIPRIESTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)151715 61765 45517
[Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come] (Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert, Mus. Doc. (Composer)212345 65111 23423
CONNINGTONWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)1
CONSOLATION (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133532 33334 57635
COURTLAND (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)135123 43212 35213
DANESTREWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153116 65543 31755
DEVONWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)112345 62234 61211
DIADEM (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155151 23121 31765
DIES IRAE (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)111112 34333 33345
DUTCHESSWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153456 23453 677
EVENSONG (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)154321 71233 7665
FANCEW. B. Gilbert (Composer)155433 24432 35567
FIDELIS (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134352 15652 43176
FOR THEE, O DEAR, DEAR COUNTRYWalter Bond Gilbert (Arranger)151234 32321 76551
FRITH (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133335 13134 51765
ST. SIDWELLW. B. Gilbert, Mus. Doc. (Composer)212354 32171 21235
GILBERTSWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)211156 71515 17625
GLAD TIDINGS (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)1
[Chant] (Gilbert 32651)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)232651 76543
HEMANS (Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert (Composer)153176 65431 23
JUDGMENT (Episcopal)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)111111 12144 43221
LENHAMWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132111 76534 53212
LEXINGTON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)135232 13432 17352
LINDA (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153215 67143 21321
LINDSAYWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)111234 65334 23155
LITANY (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)156535 65717 56535
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)311155 76534 55543
[Chant] (Gilbert 57655)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)2
[Lord, now lettest thou thy servant] Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert (Composer)232122 1171
MADISON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153211 71234 43532
MAIDSTONE Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)6256712 34323 54323
MEDWAY (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133353 21323 43311
MILBURN (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155513 14321 25551
MISSION (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132123 32123 45321
MORNING (Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert (Arranger)133716 56671 65
MURRAY HILLWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)115434 56243 51765
[Chant] (Gilbert 32212)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)232212 21171
[Chant] (Gilbert 32344)Gilbert (Composer)332344 35211
NADDERWATERWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)253212 34321 53654
NASSAU (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)151534 52345 17655
NEW JERSEYWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)233215 32123 46217
NOMEN (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)135123 21324 31333
NORCOTTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134322 15654 34567
[Chant] (Gilbert 34621)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)234621 76765 65625
[Chant] (Gilbert 56666)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)256666 71171
[O come, let us sing unto the Lord] (Gilbert)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)232344 35221
[Chant] (Gilbert 34321)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)234321 56176 55654
ORIENT (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155532 11666 43211
PARADISE (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)251115 76555 67655
PATTERSON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132432 15566 51433
PEACE (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134326 72155 765
PEYTONWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153217 65611 71232
RALEIGH (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)255567 11771 76524
RAYMOND (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132143 32117 62576
REST (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132123 43367 12344
RODIGASTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)353332 67123 45425
ROSE ST.Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)151232 13432 11751
SACRAMENT (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134321 65325 42376
SALVATION (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153217 23313 34332
SANCTUS (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)112345 67111 17657
SCRANTON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133254 33326 32445
SELBY (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)151117 65323 45464
ST. CHAD (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)112343 25143 12343
ST. ENOCHWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)255556 53321 2345
ST. GABRIEL (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)117564 54223 56776
ST. LOUIS (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132156 66517 21765
ST. LUCIAN (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)155132 71721 75455
ST. NICHOLAS (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153234 56551 53255
ST. VINCENTSWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)135126 54356 71776
STUYVESANTWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)133243 26712 53215
THANKSGIVING (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert, 1829-1910 (Composer)2417156 54334 56765
[Thou art worthy, O Lord] (Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert (Composer)215654 31232 12777
PAX (Gilbert)W. B. Gilbert, Mus. Doc (Composer)211132 11433 21511
TINSLEYWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)153164 23165 53164
TREGARTHENW. B. Gilbert (Composer)211123 23454 32545
TRENTON (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)232342 51765 65765
TRINITY CHAPELWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132111 23361 71331
VIRGINIA (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)132171 43353 32132
WATCHMAN (Gilbert)Walter Bond Gilbert (Composer)115543 33345 67575
[Chant] (Gilbert 32164)Dr. W. B. Gilbert (Composer)232164 32171
WEST CHESTERWalter Bond Gilbert (Composer)134532 31334 56756
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