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J. H. Gilmore

J. H. Gilmore
Short Name: J. H. Gilmore
Full Name: Gilmore, J. H. (Joseph Henry), 1834-1918
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1918

Joseph H. Gilmore (b. Boston, MA, 1834; d. Rochester, NY, 1918) Educated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and Newton Theological Seminary, Newton, Massachusetts, Gilmore was ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1862. He served churches in Fisherville, New Hampshire, and Rochester, New York. In 1868 he was appointed to the English faculty at the University of Rochester, where he served until retirement in 1911. He published various literary works, including Outlines of English and American Literature (1905).

Bert Polman

Gilmore, Joseph Henry, M. A., Professor of Logic in Rochester University, New York, was born at Boston, April 29, 1834, and graduated in Arts at Brown University, and in Theology at Newton Theological Institution. In the latter he was Professor of Hebrew in 1861-2. For some time he held a Baptist ministerial charge at Fisherville, New Hampshire, and at Rochester. He was appointed Professor at Rochester in 1868. His hymn, "He leadeth me, O blessed thought" (Ps. xxiii.), is somewhat widely known. It was written at the close of a lecture in the First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, and is dated 1859. It is in the Baptist Hymnal [and Tune] Book, Philadelphia, 1871. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M. A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by J. H. Gilmore (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Az Úr vezet: áldott tudat!J. H. Gilmore (Author)Hungarian2
Du führest mich, O SeligkeitJoseph Henry Gilmore (Author)German3
El m’a condus, ce glorieJ. H. Gilmore (Author)Romanian2
Er führet mich, Gedanke süßJoseph Henry Gilmore (Author)German8
Er führet mich, o welch' ein HeilJoseph Henry Gilmore (Author)German6
Er führet mich der Jugend gleichJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)German7
Er führet mich! O welch ein GlückJ. H. Gilmore (Author)German1
Gott führet mich! O Wort voll SinnJoseph Henry Gilmore (Author)German3
Han leder mig! Hvad himmelsk tröstJoseph Henry Gilmore (Author)Swedish7
Han leder mig, min stoerste SkatJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)3
He healeth me, O blessed truthJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)English1
He leadeth me: O blessed thought!Joseph H. Gilmore (Author)English1563
හිමි මට මඟ පෙන්වයි (Himi maṭa man̆ga penvayi)J. H. Gilmore (Author)Sinhala2
Huniongoza Mwokozi J. H. Gilmore (Author)Swahili1
Idaiannac diac maiwawaJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)Tagalog2
Il me conduit, dovce penseeJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)3
Il n'est pour moi qu'un seul bienJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)3
Jesús me guía. Cuánta pazJ. H. Gilmore (Author)Spanish2
Jesus me guia. Que prazer!Joseph H. Gilmore (Author)Portuguese2
കർത്തൻ എന്നെ നടത്തുന്നു എത്ര ഭാഗ്യം സ്വർഗ്ഗാശ്വാസം (Karttan enne naṭattunnu etra bhāgyaṁ svarggāśvāsaṁ)J. H. Gilmore (Author)Malayalam2
Ku'u Alaka'i! manao maika'iJoseph H. Gilmore, 1834-1918 (Author)Hawaiian3
Me guía él con cuánto amorJospeh H. Gilmore, 1884-1948 (Author)Spanish17
My trembling soul to Jesus turnedProf. J. H. Gilmore (Author)2
Our Savior, Jesus, and our LordJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)English2
祂帶領我!此意何美 (Tā dàilǐng wǒ! Cǐ yì hé měi)J. H. Gilmore (Author)Chinese2
Tenderly the Father greets usJ. H. Gilmore (Author)English2
We dedicate to JesusJoseph H. Gilmore (Author)4
يرعاني راعي الأمينJ. H. Gilmore (Author)Arabic1

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