Nathaniel D. Gould

Nathaniel D. Gould
From "Church Music in America"
Short Name: Nathaniel D. Gould
Full Name: Gould, Nathaniel D. (Nathaniel Duren), 1781-1864
Birth Year: 1781
Death Year: 1864

Nathaniel Duren Gould 1781-1864. Born in Bedford, MA, into the Duren family, He was musically inclined and attended a singing school when young. He was also a master and teacher of penmanship and engraving. As a conservative music reformer he opened a singing school in 1799. He taught mostly Psalmody singing. He married Sally Andrews Prichard in 1801, and they had eight children: Nathaniel, Augustus, Charles, Mary Ann, (2 unnamed infants that died), Elizabeth and Sarah. He also formed the New Ipswitch military band in 1804 He was conductor of the Middlesex MA Musical Society in 1805. He took the name Gould in 1806 to qualify for an inheritance from an uncle. He taught music in NH and MA in some 115 singing schools over 50+ years and had more than 50,000 students. He also compiled and published music. He authored a number of books, one being “History of church music in America” (1853) about early singing schools. He noted traits and temperaments of many singers, some not really performing for the glory of God. He died in Boston, MA.

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Tunes by Nathaniel D. Gould (5)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ARENathaniel D. Gould (Composer)155555 66512 22321
ASCENSION (Gould)N. D. Gould (Composer)2
FENELONNathaniel Duren Gould (Composer)2
HOPE (Gould)N. D. Gould (Composer)233333 23235 51176
WOODLAND (Gould)Nathaniel D. Gould (Composer)9413353 23235 51233

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