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Alfred A. Graley

Short Name: Alfred A. Graley
Full Name: Graley, Alfred A.
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1905
Hymnary.org does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Alfred A. Graley (121)sort descendingAsInstances
A happy New-year to thee, fatherAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
A little child may do much goodAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
All is well, all is well, for my Savior is my friendRev. A. A. Graley (Author)4
Arm, soldiers, armRev. A. A. Graley (Author)5
As the birds in shady wildwoodAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Awake, arise, why sleepest thouAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
Be the matter what it mayAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)11
Beautiful morning starRev. A. A. G. (Author)9
Believe it, dear children, that now is the timeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
Bound for a home in the goodly [glory] landRev. A. A. Graley (Author)3
Brethren, at the mercy seatA. A. G. (Author)2
Christ is born, and heaven rejoicesAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)9
Come boys, come girls, won't you volunteerAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)8
Come, seek the shade of the forest treesRev. A. A. G. (Author)4
Come to the Sabbath School (Graley)Alfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Come where the wild flowers growAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Dear children, heed the Shepherd's callRev. A. A. G. (Author)4
Dear Jesus, my Shepherd, I would in thy foldAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
Don't think there is nothing for children to doAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)13
Down the stream of life they glideAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
Down the stream of life we're glidingRev. A. A. Graley (Author)1
Faithful Shepherd, meek and mildAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)6
Flowers of the gardenA. A.G. (Author)3
Go to the mercy seatRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
Gone, gone, loved one, Gone from our homeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Hark, 'tis the trumpet of liberty soundingAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
Hasten to Calvary's mountainAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
He nani ke meleA. A. Graley (Author)3
His voice no more I disregardRev. A. A. Graley (Author)4
Home, dear home, we never can forgetAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)8
Hosanna to the Son of David, The children sang of old, And through the holy templeRev. A. A. Graley (Author)3
How can I be a happy childAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
How small are the dewdropsAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
How sweet are the flowersAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
How sweet was the song of the angels of lightAlfred A. Graley (Author)2
I am but a little child, And of frolic fullA. A. G. (Author)2
I know there's a crown for the saints of renownAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)9
I love a little child with his sparkling eyeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
I want to love my Savior, And in His fold be foundAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
I'd rather be a child of GodAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
If blooming flowers my pathway strewRev. A. A. Graley (Author)1
If you would find salvationAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)7
I'm but a pilgrim here belowAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
In mansions bright the glorified beholdRev. A. A. Graley (Author)4
In thy childhood's sunny morningAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Jesus, be near meRev. A. A. Graley (Author)3
Jesus, how can I but love theeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)12
Jesus, my Savior, Jesus my Savior, Set up thy throneAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
Jesus, my song shall be, O how he lovesAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)1
Jesus, Savior, Friend divineRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
Jesus sought and saved me when a wandering childRev. A. A. Graley (Author)7
Jesus welcomes, when they've crossed the riverA. A. Graley (Author)2
Let us daily better growAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)1
Let us work for the school with our heartsA. A. G. (Author)4
Lo the angel band descendingA. A. G. (Author)3
Mother dear, I'm happy nowAlfred A. Graley (Author)2
My country, my country, I cherish thee stillAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Never mourn if pain or lossRev. A. A. G. (Author)3
Now ever the sunny mornRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
No gaudy glories crown thy headA. A. G. (Author)2
No longer at ease will I slumberRev. A. A. Graley (Author)4
Now, ere the sunny morn of life is o'erRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
Now while the heart's warm and tenderRev. A. A. Graley (Author)3
O come, let us sing to the praise of the schoolA. A. G. (Author)6
O, come to the Savior, dear childrenAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)9
O remember the Sabbath schoolAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
O say not that the Christian lifeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
O there is a beautiful city, just over the river so coldRev. A. A. G. (Author)14
O there is a fountain that never is dryAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)6
O think not, dear children, because you are youngAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
O what are the sorrows that burden the soul?Alfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
O when shall I dwell in a mansion all brightAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)21
O why do I find it so hard to do rightAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
O why will you seek for a portion belowA. A. G. (Author)2
O won't you be a ChristianAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)12
O'er the flowing riverAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
O the green grass wavesRev. A. A. Graley (Author)5
O turn, sinner, turn to thy Father and GodRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
Once I wandered on the mountainAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Over the mountains, barren and coldAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
Press on little pilgrims and never give upAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
Prophets and sages with raptureAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Round the throne in [of] glory, Happy childrenA. A. Graley (Author)19
Send the tidings of salvation to the heathenAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
Shall we meet in heaven aboveAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Strike, strike your bright harpsAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Sweetly ringing hear the Sabbath bellAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
Taste not, taste not the wineRev. A. A. G. (Author)4
The old, old year with its joysA. A. G. (Author)5
The saints above with joy beheldA. A. G. (Author)3
The sun shines bright and it pours its lightAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
The valleys and the mountainsAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)10
There came an hour when all my prideAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
There is a Rose whose beauties graceAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)6
There's a beauty in the sunshineAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
There's a bright unfading crownAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)7
There's beauty in the sunshineAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)10
They are gone to the land o'er the riverAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)1
This life is a race, And brief is the spaceAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
This world is not my home, I knowAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)6
This world's a wilderness, and dangers clusterAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
'Tis done, the work of love is doneA. A. G. (Author)2
'Tis the sweet spring timeAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
To toil and pray in heathen landsAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
Walk in the narrow wayA. A. G. (Author)2
We are homeward bound to the land of light [life] and loveAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)13
We're marching to the camp aboveAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)3
We're passing along to our home in the skiesAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
When chasing the phantomsRev. A. A. Graley (Author)2
When grove and when garden have put off their robe of snowA. A. G. (Author)3
When I walk the gloomy valeRev. A. A. Graley (Author)1
When Jesus, the meek, and the lowly, was hereAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
When many to the Savior's feetAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)11
When o'er us waves of troubleAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)2
When panting neath the heavy crossRev. A. A. G. (Author)2
When we are twenty one boysAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)4
Winter's reign is overA. A. G. (Author)3
Would you be a Christian childRev. A. A. Graley (Author)6
Wouldst thou save the wandererA. A. G. (Author)2
Youthful pilgrims, whither boundAlfred Arthur Graley (Author)5
Youthful sinner, though lessA. A. G. (Author)2

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