F. A. Graves

F. A. Graves
Short Name: F. A. Graves
Full Name: Graves, F. A.
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1927

Rv Frederick Arthur Graves USA 1856-1927. Born at Williamstown, MA, he was raised in a Christian family, but was orphaned at age 9 after the death of his father, a taylor, then three years later his mother (tuberculosis), he lived on a farm with a family names Hollis that worked him hard and treated him poorly. He was diagnosed with epilepsy when 14. At 21 he moved to Nobles County, MN, and it seemed that his seizures had stopped. Grateful for that, he served the American Sunday School Union as an organizer and evangelist. He was musical, and after age 35 wrote 43 songs. He, with wife Vina, raised three children, Arthur, Irene, and Carl. He studied Bible and music in Chicago, IL and Northfield, MA. Returning to Minneapolis and hearing evangelist John A Dowie, he experienced permanent healing, which provided a backdrop for his gospel songs. He was ordained an Assemblies of God minister in 1916. Later, he moved to Zion Hill,IL, where he lived the rest of his life. He died at Zion City, IL. Nearly 1000 people attended his funeral there.

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Texts by F. A. Graves (31)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Beautiful land beyond the skyF. A. Graves (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, kind and tenderF. A. Graves (Author)2
Brother, are you troubled in your heart todayF. A. Graves (Author)6
Hark, the heavenly voices singF. A. Graves (Author)3
Hear ye the message that Jesus has givenF. A. Graves (Author)2
Ho, everyone that thirsteth, Come ye to the waters (Graves)F. A. Graves (Author)English4
How much is our life like the oceanF. A. Graves (Author)2
Hungry, Lord, for Thy word of truthF. A. G. (Author)English10
In times when the flesh is so weak and frailF. A. G. (Author)English3
Jesus is keeping my soul in His love, Keeping me, keeping meF. A. Graves (Author)English5
Lord, clasp my faltering hand in thineF. A. G. (Author)4
Lord, thy pitying eye can seeF. A. Graves (Author)3
Lord we come with morning songsF. A. Graves (Author)2
My Father has many dear childrenF. A. G. (Author)English22
O mein Bruder, kennst du deinen HeilandF. A. Graves (Author)German2
O mein Bruder, kennst du schon den HeilandF. A. G. (Author)German3
O my brother, do you know the SaviorF. A. G. (Author)English74
Our Father in heaven, in our weakness we bowF. A. Graves (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for the Lord is comingF. A. Graves (Author)2
There's a dear old home in the valleyF. A. Graves (Author)3
They came to that cityF. A. Graves (Author)2
This world is just a meeting placeF. A. Graves (Author)2
Toiling all night, but with nothing to showF. A. Graves (Author)2
What a wonderful, wonderful SaviorF. A. G. (Author)English39
What, my friend, do you sayFrederick Arthur Graves (Author)1
When Abraham and Sarah had promised them a sonF. A. Graves (Author)English4
When out on life's oceanF. A. Graves (Author)3
Who are invited to the kingly feastF. A. Graves (Author)3
Who'll go Rockaway, ByelolandF. A. Graves (Author)2
يا ما أعجب حب الفاديF. A. Graves (Author)Arabic1
Yesu ndiye Mkombozi wetu F. A. Graves (Author)Swahili1

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