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Sophia T. Griswold

Short Name: Sophia T. Griswold
Full Name: Griswold, Sophia T., 1828-1903
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1903

Sophia (Paulina) Taylor Griswold Canada/USA 1828-1903. Born in Canada, she moved to the U.S. and lived in Chicago, IL. She married Dr William R Griswold, a native of New York, and they had one daughter, Eva. She was a poet who wrote hymn lyrics for tunes composed by hymnists George Root, Philip Bliss, George Stebbins and others. She died in Chicago.

John Perry

Texts by Sophia T. Griswold (94)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
لا تبعدي يا نفس عن فاديك تستريحيSophia T. Griswold (Author)Arabic1
Aquí tenemos que vagarSophia Griswold (Author)Spanish2
Are we like the fig treeSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
As the blood of Jesus cleansethSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Aye, we will join the valiantSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Be not weary in well doing, It is heaven's high commandSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Beautiful angel on pinions of lightSophia T. Griswold (Author)6
Beautiful star of morningSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Blessed and holy oneSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Brothers and sisters, a joyous laySophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Come from the hilltop, the vale, and the glenSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
Come, O blessed SaviorSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Come to the wedding, Jesus, Friend Sophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Dawn on our vision, O city of lightSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
Early, early let our songs ascendSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Faint, yet pursuing, we press our waySophia Griswold (Author)English5
Five little pairsSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Freddie came down from a chestnut treeSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Führe uns, Heiland, an liebender HandSophia T. Griswold (Author)German5
Gird ye for the toilsome daySophia T. Griswold (Author)English2
God hath spoken thus todaySophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Grant us, our Savior, the loveSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Hail, the blessed Sabbath morningSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Hark to the voice of the Savior and LordSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
He called them of oldSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Here are the berries I pluckedSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Hurrah, for the morning of morningsSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
I am learning my lessonSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
I know not the way to the beautiful gateSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
I shall go to thee my SaviorSophia T. Griswold (Author)5
I will love Jesus and serve himSophia T. Griswold (Author)7
I will rejoice when I hearSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
If never the gaze of sun and moonMrs. W. R. Griswold (Author)English9
In the house of God is a gathered bandSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
In the narrow streets and alleysSophia T. Griswold (Author)English1
Let me go to the heavenly CanaanSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Let me kiss you, fatherSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Life is an ocean, and each has his barkSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
List, the disciple band, LordSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Little floweret, press thy waySophia T. Griswold (Author)1
Little thought Samara's daughterSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Look on the bright side keepSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Lord, help me, the shriekSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Med Blodfanen for os til Kana'n vi gaaSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Mid the pastures green of the blessed islesSophia T. Griswold (Author)19
Min Aand, som af Feiltrins Sorg meget har lidtSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
O builders, haste to the Rock awaySophia T. Griswold (Author)1
O come, Christian teacher, from shoresSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
O come, for the Master is calling, as whenSophia T. Griswold (Author)English1
O dread on the mountainsSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
O haste to the rescueSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
O Master have mercy for portentSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
O mother, will you go with me nowSophia T. Griswold (Author)1
O soul, come to the mercy seatSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
O the morning, blessedSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
O spirit, overwhelmed by thy failures and fearsSophia T. Griswold (Author)English2
Om Staden i Himlen, som er sagtSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
One, who well knoweth the evilsSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Only a penny apieceSophia T. Griswold (Author)1
Onward, still onward, the pathway is straightSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
Praise him in his hallowed dwellingSophia T. Griswold (Author)4
ആർദ്രതയേറുന്ന നല്ലിടയാ (Ārdratayēṟunna nalliṭayā)Sophia T. Griswold (Author)Malayalam2
Tenderly guide us, O Shepherd of loveSophia T. Griswold (Author)English7
The spirit passed from the dungeon's gloomSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There are unseen bands of angelsSophia T. Griswold (Author)5
There flowed a little troubled streamSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There is never a sorrowSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There was glory on the mountainSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There were ringing notesSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There's a home for us aboveSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
There's a mansion o'er the riverSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
There's a star that shines on the blest highwayMrs. S. T. Griswold (Author)6
They are coming to the SaviorSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
They come to us from freedom's landSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
They said I was a naughty boySophia T. Griswold (Author)2
This life is an oceanSophia T. Griswold (Author)1
Thou knowest how each word of thineSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
Up and be doing, with hand, heart and mindSophia T. Griswold (Author)English2
Upon the house, no delay, no pauseSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
We are going home, when the toilsome daySophia T. Griswold (Author)3
I know in whom I have believed, And bless Him for the trustW. R. Griswold (Author)English2
We may tell in early springSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
We press on over life's rugged pathway, and waitSophia T. Griswold (Author)English1
We think of those, dear SaviorSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
We're going home, no more to roam (Griswold)Sophia T. Griswold (Author)English7
We're marching to Canaan with banner and songSophia T. Griswold (Author)English8
We're soldiers on duty, the foe is at handSophia T. Griswold (Author)English5
What wilt thou have me to do my Lord?Sophia T. Griswold (Author)English1
Whatsoe'er thy lot may beSophia T. Griswold (Author)3
When the heart is pressedSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
When the morn is bright and fairSophia T. Griswold (Author)English15
When the morn is brightly glowingSophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Work for your Master, work while you maySophia T. Griswold (Author)2
Work in God's vineyard Jesus hath called theeSophia T. Griswold (Author)4
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