J. E. Hall

Short Name: J. E. Hall
Full Name: Hall, J. E.

Hall, Jane E., of Battleborough, Vermont, has in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 18S1, under the initials "J. E. H.," (1) "The love that Jesus had for me" (Love of Jesus); (2) "We shall have a new name in that land" (The New Name). The music in Sankey to these hymns is also by the same person.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by J. E. Hall (80)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A tengerpart mentén Jézus járJane E. Hall (Author)Hungarian2
All along life's rugged journey I am trusting TheeJ. E. H. (Author)English4
All the day long will I talk of my SaviorJane E. Hall (Author)English1
Are you ready for the coming Of the Son of manJane E. Hall (Author)English4
As I journey on toward heavenJane E. Hall (Author)3
At the wellside worn and wearyJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Bądż Panu cześć! Za nućcie pieśni chwalyJ. E. Hall (Author)Polish1
Beyond is Canaan, the beautiful landJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
Bow thine ear, O Lord, and hear meJane E. Hall (Author)2
Christian, keep thine armor brightJ. E. Hall (Author)English4
Come, drink at the fountain, my brotherJ. E. H. (Author)English7
Come to me, saith Christ the SaviorJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Do you know the wondrous story?J. E. H. (Author)English10
El grande amor de mi JesúsJ. E. Hall (Author)Spanish2
Fear not, for God is with theeJane E. Hall (Author)2
Glory, Hallelujah! Christ arose todayJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
Hallelujah! hail to Christ the LordJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
Have you heard of Christ the Savior?J. E. Hall (Author)English2
He knows my way, I know it notJane E. Hall (Author)2
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seedJane E. Hall (Author)English11
Hear my prayer, my Father, hearJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Hear the news, glad news of JesusJane E. Hall (Author)English8
I am but a poor wayfarer, Traveling over life's dusty roadJane E. Hall (Author)English2
I am glad that I love JesusJane E. Hall (Author)2
I am glad that Jesus loves meJ. E. H. (Author)English3
I am just now persuadedJane E. Hall (Author)English5
I am little, but I love, I love Jesus, He loves meJ. E. H. (Author)English6
I know of something richer farJane E. Hall (Author)English4
I love my Savior, Jesus dearJane E. Hall (Author)English3
I once was blind and could not seeJane E. Hall (Author)English4
I will arise and go to my Father, For He will surely let me come inJane E. Hall (Author)English3
I will praise my dear Redeemer, I will magnify His nameJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
In the name of Christ my SaviorJ. E. H. (Author)English4
Is it nothing to you, all ye who pass byJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Jesus, my Lord divineJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Jesus, O thou gentle Shepherd, Lead us into pastures greenJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Jesus, O Thou loving Shepherd, Knowest Thou full well our needJane E. Hall (Author)English2
Jesus, Redeemer, coming from gloryJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Let my song tell out the storyJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Little hands to work for Jesus, Little hearts to love Him, tooJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Lo, I am with you, hear the words that JesusJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Lo the morning dawnethJ. E. Hall (Author)2
Look upon the fields all white for harvestJ. E. H. (Author)English3
My soul doth magnify the Lord, And praise His glorious nameJ. E. H. (Author)English4
No night have I with Jesus nearJane E. Hall (Author)English4
Now to thee our voices raiseJane E. Hall (Author)2
Now to thee, who fast in prisonJ. E. H. (Author)English4
O I know that I sometimes shall see himJane E. Hall (Author)2
On to glory I am marchingJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Once more, in sweetest songJane E. Hall (Author)2
Pilgrim traveling on life's highwayJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Praise ye the Lord; lift up the voice with singingJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Praises bring in joyful anthemJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
Simply a doorkeeper, that and no moreJ. E. Hall (Author)English3
Sitting by the wayside, see a blind man waitJ. E. Hall (Author)English4
Some sweet song I'll sing of JesusJane E. Hall (Author)2
Standing now, so near the gateJane E. Hall (Author)2
The harvest field is now awaitingJane E. Hall (Author)English3
The love that Jesus had for meJ. E. Hall (Author)English20
The love that my Father bestowed upon meJ. E. H. (Author)English2
The new song of my heart gives a charm to my lifeJane E. Hall (Author)English3
The praise of Him who died for meJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
There'll be joy foreverJane E. Hall (Author)2
They say I am old and forgetfulJane E. Hall (Author)English2
Though I'm but a servantJ. E. H. (Author)English3
Though I'm unworthy his love or his careJ. E. H. (Author)English4
'Tis a blessed place to be where Jesus isJane E. Hall (Author)English2
'Tis but just across the riverJane E. Hall (Author)2
To tell the joyful story overJ. E. H. (Author)English2
To the Savior's waiting armsJ. E. H. (Author)English2
We go rejoicing on our wayJ. E. Hall (Author)English2
We shall have a new name in that land, In that land, that sunny, sunny landJ. E. Hall (Author)English16
What boundless love did Jesus show!J. E. Hall (Author)English2
What wonderful love did Jesus showJ. E. H. (Author)English2
When the reaping time is doneJ. E. H. (Author)English2
When with clouds the sky is fillingJane E. Hall (Author)English4
Who shall have a new name in that landJane E. Hall (Author)English2
With Jesus near, I have no fearJ. E. H. (Author)English2
Wonderful message that's sent unto meJ. E. H. (Author)English2
主愛,口舌真說不來!(Zhǔ ài, kǒushé zhēn shuōbulái!)Jane E. Hall (Author)Chinese2
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