B. R. Hanby

B. R. Hanby
Short Name: B. R. Hanby
Full Name: Hanby, B. R. (Benjamin Russell), 1833-1867
Birth Year: 1833
Death Year: 1867

Benjamin Russell Hanby was born July 22, 1833, the oldest of eight children, to Bishop William Hanby in Rushville, OH. The family moved to Westerville,OH where Bishop Hanby was a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad. In his short life Benjamin graduated from Otterbein, taught school, became a United Brethren minister, started a singing school, was editor for John Church publishers in Cincinnati and composed many songs and hymns before he died of tuberculosis March 15, 1867. His home in Westerville was Ohio's first memorial to a composer. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to Canada and is a national historic site, a Methodist church Landmark and a Network to Freedom site for the National Park Service. There is a Hanby Residence Hall at Otterbein University. Best known for "Up on the housetop" and "Darling Nellie Gray," Hanby published many hymns including "Little Eyes" and "Who is He?

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Benjamin Russell Hanby (July 22, 1833 – March 16, 1867), also given as Benjamin Russel Hanby, was an American composer, educator, pastor, and abolitionist who wrote approximately 80 songs. The most famous are "Darling Nelly Gray" and the Christmas songs "Up on the House Top" and "Who Is He In Yonder Stall?". Hanby was born in Rushville, Ohio. He moved to Westerville, Ohio in 1849, at the age of sixteen, to enroll at Otterbein University. He was involved in the Underground Railroad with his father, Bishop William Hanby.

Texts by B. R. Hanby (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All together, all togetherB. R. Hanby (Author)3
Down from the skies bending low over the mangerB. R. Hanby (Author)7
Down in that cottage lives Weaver JohnB. R. Hanby (Author)3
Hark, how your leader's bugle is soundingB. R. Hanby (Author)English5
Ho, ho, ho, out to the beautiful groves we goB. R. Hanby (Author)2
How sweet the holy hourB. R. Hanby (Author)English3
Jipidee, jipidee, blithe and gayB. R. Hanby (Author)3
Kto w stajence cicho śpiBenjamin Russel Hanby (Author)Polish2
Little eyes, little eyes Open with the morning lightRev. B. R. Hanby (Author)English9
Little floweret, press thy wayRev. B. R. Hanby (Author)English2
لمن زان المذوداB. R. Hanby (Author)Arabic1
Now to the Lord on highB. R. Hanby (Author)3
O sing to me of that better landB. R. Hanby (Author)English3
Quién es el que en BelénB. R. Hanby (Author)Spanish2
Row row row over the beautifulB. R. Hanby (Author)2
See the Savior in the templeB. R. Hanby (Author)English7
Seht, wie um Bethlehems Krippe sich neigenB. R. Hanby (Author)German1
The morning is beamingB. R. Hanby (Author)2
These temperance folks do crowd us awfullyRev. B. R. Hanby (Author)English5
Up the steeps the morn is boundingB. R. Hanby (Author)2
We are coming, sang the robinB. R. Hanby (Author)2
We are coming, we are coming, 'Twas a soft and silvery toneB. R. Hanby (Author)English3
We come in childhood's joyfulnessB. R. Hanby (Author)English4
We come, we come, a waiting bandBanjamin R. Hanby (Author)4
Wer ist der im Kripplein dortB. R. Hanby (Author)German1
Who is He in yonder stallR. Hanby (Author)English105

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