H. B. Hartzler

H. B. Hartzler
Short Name: H. B. Hartzler
Full Name: Hartzler, H. B. (Henry Burns), 1840-1920
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1920

Hartzler, Henry Burns. (York County, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1840--1920). Evangelical. Licensed 1869, pastor Trinity Church, York Penn., in 1873-1874; editor of The Messenger in 1870s and 1880s; taught Bible in Mt. Hermon school, Northfield, Massachusetts. Was associated with D.L. Moody. Went with the United Evangelical CHurch in the schism, was editor of its Evangel 1894-1902. Editor of and hymn-contributor to Evangelischer Gesangbuch and Hymn Book of the United Evangelical Church. Bishop of that denomination 1902-1910. Most famous hymn was "Go and seek the lost and dying."

--Ellen Jane Lorenz, DNAH Archives

Texts by H. B. Hartzler (52)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Angels open the golden gatesHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
At the feet of Jesus lyingHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
Away from God no peace is foundHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Before thy face, my God, I fallH. B. Hartzler (Author)4
Come and help us, friends of JEsusRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)3
Come enter by this open doorRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)2
Come Holy Ghost, my spirit fillHenry B. Hartzler (Author)6
Dear Lord, once more the note of praiseHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
Go and seek the lost and dyingH. B. Hartzler (Author)2
Go thou thy way, this is no timeHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Gracious Lord, to thee we raiseHenry B. Hartzler (Author)5
I have found repose for my weary soulH. B. H. (Author)English50
I know I love my Savior nowH. B. Hartzler (Author)4
I know that my Redeemer lives, I feel his kindlyHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
I love to sing of JesusHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
I turn with joy from selfHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
I was lost in woe and blindnessRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)3
I will live for my RedeemerHenry B. Hartzler (Author)5
In the rock of ages hiding, I have found a sure retreat (Hartzler)Henry B. Hartzler (Author)English25
In the wilds of sin a weary soul astrayRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)7
Jesus, thou victor over the graveBishop H. B. Hartzler (Author)3
Lay your treasures higher, saferRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)4
Lead me, O my Father, lead meHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
Let Jesus lead theeRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)10
Like a star of the morning in its beautyHenry B. Hartzler (Author)24
Long long ago on Judah's plainHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Mein Herz soll sein ein TempelH. B. Hartzler (Author)German2
More life from thee, O Christ, for meHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
My Father, I have loved thy truthH. B. Hartzler (Author)4
My heart shall be a templeHenry B. Hartzler (Author)9
Never can the word be brokenHenry B. Hartzler (Author)4
O God the battle is too strong for usHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
O Holy Ghost I welcome theeHenry B. Hartzler (Author)4
Once more, O Lord, assemblingH. B. Hartzler (Author)4
Over a dismal waste of yearsRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)English5
Over the selfish dreams of menRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord for the glory of his graceHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
Precious is the blood of the Lamb that was slainHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
The Master calleth from the skyH. B. H. (Author)3
The shades of night in slumber foldHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
The treasures of earth are not mineHenry B. Hartzler (Author)12
There is a mighty HelperHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
There is joy in heaven, where the angels dwellRev. H. B. Hartzler (Author)4
Thou knowest that I love theeHenry B. Hartzler (Author)1
Through the darkness of gloomHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Thy death, O Lord, is life to meHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Trust in God and he will be more than allHenry B. Hartzler (Author)3
We are waiting, blessed Lord, In thy courtsHenry B. Hartzler (Author)5
We come, with the cup of salvationH. B. Hartzler (Author)6
We praise thee, gracious FatherH. B. Hartzler (Author)5
Who is on the Lord's side (Hartzler)Henry B. Hartzler (Author)2
Who is this, all alone, in sorrowHenry B. Hartzler (Author)2

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