James E. Hawes

Short Name: James E. Hawes
Full Name: Hawes, James E., 1862-1933
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1933

James Edward Hawes was born in Vermillion County, IL, near Danville, on Aug. 18, 1862. While growing up, he was nicknamed “the preacher” because of his exceptional moral life. Evidently he became a well-known song leader among churches of Christ and Christian Churches in the latter part of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century, as well as a preacher. Hawes formed an evangelistic team about 1885, after the example of Dwight L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey, with Jacob V. Updike (1850-1907). They met with great success before disbanding to become located ministers. According to The Christian Evangelist of Dec. 16, 1901, Hawes was located as minister with the Church of Christ in Greenwich, OH. Also, Hawes edited a hymnbook entitled The Gospel Invitation: Book of Songs and Hymns which was published in 1892 by Fillmore Brothers of Cincinnati, OH. He composed a 1900 tune for the hymn “Have You Not a Word for Jesus?” written in 1871 by Frances R. Havergal. While travelling to Columbus, OH, he died after being hit by a train near Upper Sandusky, in Wyandot County, OH, on Aug. 23, 1933, at the age of 71, and was buried at Ada in Hardin County, OH, where he had served as minister with the Church of Christ for over twenty years.


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