Margaret S. Haycraft

Short Name: Margaret S. Haycraft
Full Name: Haycraft, Margaret S. (Margaret Scott), 1855-1936
Birth Year (est.): 1855
Death Year: 1936

Haycraft, Margaret Scott, née MacRitchie, born at Newport Pagnell, Bucks, now (1906) resides at Bournemouth. She contributes to various periodicals, has written many services of song, and several vols. of prose and verse. At the request of the Rev. C. Bonner she contributed the following (with a few shorter pieces) to the Christian Endeavour Hymnal, 1896, the Sumday School Hymnary, 1905, and the Junior Hymnal, 1906.
1. Bless the Lord for ever, Still his praise prolong. Praise to God. 1896, No. 16.
2. Green the hills and lovely. Boyhood of Jesus. Written 1904; 1905, No. 201.
3. In golden light of early days. Children's Praises.
1906, No. 58.
4. Let there be light at eventide. Parting Hymn. 1896, No. 165.
5. Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need. Ps. xxiii. This is in W. B. Bradbury's New Golden Shower, 1866, p. 107, and Clarion, 1867, p. 219, marked as by Miss Thalheimer (in Hymns and Choral Songs, Manchester, 1904, No. 207, as "O God, my Shepherd"). Mrs. Haycraft revised sts. i., ii., and wrote an original final st. This is the Sunday School Hymnary text, 1905. [ Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by Margaret S. Haycraft (15)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
At evening time it shall be light, dark, darker grows the dayMargaret S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Come, Spirit of all grace!M. Scott Haycraft (Author)English2
Come with songs of gladnessM. S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Come with tuneful voicesMargaret Haycraft (Author)2
Green the hills and lovelyM. Scott Haycraft (Author)English3
I will trust and will not fearfulM. S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Let every heart be gladMargaret S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Lift the glorious standard Of the Lord most highM. S. Haycraft (Author)English2
O, Thou All-Wise, O, King of loveM. Scott Haycraft (Author)English2
O for the sake of Christ the KingM. S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Praise be Thine, eternal KingMargaret Haycraft (Author)English3
The Friend of friends, the Shepherd dearM. S. Haycraft (Author)English2
Thou art my ShepherdM. Scott-Haycraft (Author)English2
Though here we list no moreM. S. Haycraft (Author)English5
Under the standard of Christ the KingM. S. Haycraft (Author)English5

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