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Roy Hopp

Roy Hopp
Short Name: Roy Hopp
Full Name: Hopp, Roy does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Roy Hopp (24)sort iconAsInstances
BROOKSIDERoy Hopp (Composer)2
ALLELUIA NO. 1Roy Hopp (Composer (descant))1
CLERMONT PARKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
DAMASCUS ROADRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)2
DENVERRoy Hopp (Composer)3
ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVĂ–GELEINRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer (descant))1
FRANKLIN PARKRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)4
GRANT PARKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
GREELEYRoy Hopp (Composer)2
HILLCRESTRoy Hopp (Composer)2
HJERTETS ONSKERoy Hopp (Composer)2
[I will put my law in their minds]Roy Hopp (Composer (descant))2
KNOLLCREST FARMRoy Hopp (Composer)3
O QUANTA QUALIARoy Hopp (Composer (descant))1
OLD DOMINIONRoy Hopp (Composer)3
OPEN DOORRoy Hopp (Composer)3
PALMARUMRoy Hopp (Arranger (alt. arr.))2
REINLYNRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)5
RIDGEMOOR (Hopp)Roy Hopp (Composer)2
RIDGEWOODRoy Hopp (Composer)2
SAIPANRoy Hopp (Composer)2
SHANTY CREEKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
SILVER CREEKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
STAR IN THE EASTRoy Hopp (Arranger (alt. arr.))1