Caroline Dana Howe

Short Name: Caroline Dana Howe
Full Name: Howe, Caroline Dana, 1825-1907
Birth Year (est.): 1825
Death Year: 1907

Born: Circa 1825, Fryeburg, Maine.

Howe’s works include:
Ashes for Flame (Portland, Maine: Loring, Short & Harmon, 1885)


Caroline Dana Howe was borrn in Freyburg, ME, but having since infancy lived in Portland, the birthplace of Longfellow and Willis, this house of the poets may well claim her as its own. A large number of her songs have been set to music, for which they are admirably adapted, and are to be found ini sheet music and in church collections.
She is also well known as a writer of short serial stories, juvenile sketches, essays, etc. and the Mass. Sunday School Society has published a book of about 200 pages of hers, carried successfully through several editions.
Mrs. Howe’s poems have a dignity and purity, united with a depth of thought and feeling, that commend them at once to all readers of cultivate literary taste; and it may be said with truth, that no living writer in her native State is more favorably known in the department of song.
Her songs have been gathered into at least twenty-six collections.

excerpts from Woman in sacred song: a library of hymns, religious poems and sacred music ...
edited by Eva Munson Smith

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Angels clothed in shining raimentCaroline D. Howe (Author)2
Like the birds that sing in the early springCaroline Dana Howe (Author)2
O prodigal, come, I am waitingMrs. Caroline Dana Howe (Author)4
On the heights why standest thouCaroline Dana Howe (Author)3
Press nobly on as God has calledCaroline Dana Howe (Author)2
Thine are the rivers: Thine, O God, the powerCaroline D. Howe (Author)2
Where, where are the dearCaroline Dana Howe (Author)2
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