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Asa Hull › Tunes

Asa Hull
Short Name: Asa Hull
Full Name: Hull, Asa, 1828-1907
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1907

Asa Hull USA 1828-1907. Born in Keene, NY, he became a music publisher in New York City. He married Emma F Atherton, and they had a daughter, Harriett. He wrote many tunes and authored temperance rallying songs. He published 33 works, of which 21 were songbooks, between 1863-1895. He died in Philadelphia, PA.

John Perry

Tunes by Asa Hull (412)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A fisher boy went sailing out]Asa Hull (Composer)355545 65453 55443
[A gentle breeze from Eden's land]Asa Hull (Composer)856515 65354 32432
[A great and noble army]Asa Hull (Composer)451113 21543 21557
[A happy band of children] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)355111 17552 22155
[A little talk with Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)834556 55111 11221
[A sweet new song is in my soul]Asa Hull (Composer)253451 76556 71665
[A welcome to our pastor dear]Asa Hull (Composer)255113 27172 21335
[A youthful pilgrim band]Asa Hull (Composer)251111 15222 22511
[The sea runs deep, the night is dark]Asa Hull (Composer)556515 65333 22512
[Abundant fruit so rich in store]Asa Hull (Composer)451133 55123 23455
[Afflictions, though they seem severe] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)334555 65533 23544
ALL FOR JESUS (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)1833333 34443 23543
[All hail! sweet day of flowers]Asa Hull (Composer)455323 21534 34655
[All hail! the blessed morning]Asa Hull (Composer)253334 33252 22321
[All hail the power of Jesus' name] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)211324 31132 54655
[Along the track of youth we fly]Asa Hull (Composer)351112 33333 22443
[Amid the hours that rapid fly] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)415653 21134 44653
[And can it be that I should gain] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Another day is past]Asa Hull (Composer)456534 32356 71172
[Mark the lonely mound]Asa Hull (Composer)255156 55552 43551
[Anywhere with Jesus, says the Christian heart] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)433333 21356 53333
[Are you ready, watching for the Lord to come]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 23451 33323
[As we journey down life's pathway]Asa Hull (Composer)215766 55356 53223
[It came upon the early morn]Asa Hull (Composer)513333 33532 22431
[At morning's dawn I love to hear]Asa Hull (Composer)353331 11152 22432
[Away with the wine-cup, for danger is there]Asa Hull (Composer)251111 11212 33444
[Bear thy cross cheerfully, Brother, the night]Asa Hull (Composer)317654 31123 17654
[Behold the changing autumn leaves]Asa Hull (Composer)655331 62217 77671
[Behold the fountain deep and wide]Asa Hull (Composer)255133 44333 22321
[Behold the Rock, the smitten rock]Asa Hull (Composer)513213 55312 12311
[Beneath the stars in slumber deep]Asa Hull (Composer)253451 76564 65324
[Beyond life's raging fever] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)353343 32221 32153
[Blessed Bible, how I love it] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)353135 44342 34654
[Blessed, blessed, blessed! O how blessed!]Asa Hull (Composer)311221 15431 23444
[Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)411111 11113 22322
[Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus, I have wandered far astray]Asa Hull (Composer)232315 45333 23454
BOXELDERAsa Hull (Composer)351211 12342 76713
[Brightly gleams our banner] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)333333 21355 53333
[Bring roses rare and lilies fair]Asa Hull (Composer)251353 43255 43513
[Burdened soul, come seek the Savior]Asa Hull (Composer)533443 23171 25123
[By faith the cleansing blood I see]Asa Hull (Composer)351115 66665 17123
[Cheer up! cheer up! desponding ones]Asa Hull (Composer)255335 53355 33432
[Children, who was crucified?]Asa Hull (Composer)215653 55432 53115
[City of God! majestic, fair!]Asa Hull (Composer)255651 17132 22176
[Come, enter the vineyard and work for the Master]Asa Hull (Composer)213345 31176 65564
[Come, join our temperance band]Asa Hull (Composer)251113 53125 25315
[Come, let us be joyful today]Asa Hull (Composer)355351 71221 23216
[Come out into the sunlight] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)333234 31121 23155
[Come, poor pilgrim, sad and weary]A. Hull (Arranger)2
[Come, see the place where the Lord lay]Asa Hull (Composer)311111 13171 24311
[Come, sinner, to Jesus, O do not refuse]Asa Hull (Composer)213211 71232 15543
[Come to the fountain of mercy] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)2
["Come up hither!" come away!]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Counting your treasure, God's bounty to measure]Asa Hull (Composer)432143 25436 57672
[Crown Him forever King of kings]Asa Hull (Composer)513451 25332 77651
[Dear Savior, how often my heart has been sad]Asa Hull (Composer)655315 31232 15646
[Dear sinner, why so thoughtless roam?]A. Hull (Composer)2
[Depth of mercy, can there be?] (Stevenson)Asa Hull (Arranger)115565 51556 51317
[Do thy duty, though a cross]Asa Hull (Composer)255545 13544 43465
[Do you hear the glad refrain]Asa Hull (Composer)255111 11552 22225
[Down in the garden of Gethsemane]Asa Hull (Composer)233333 34323 35436
[Down through the hoary aisles of time]Asa Hull (Composer)351235 54434 57246
[Draw me, Savior, nearer]Asa Hull (Harmonizer)434323 21534 55432
[Drink is raging, fiercely raging]Asa Hull (Composer)332153 21513 53132
[Educate the children to be brave and pure and true]Asa Hull (Composer)234565 65171 23271
[Ere ocean waves began to roll]Asa Hull (Composer)353335 54432 34665
LUNDIE (Perkins)A. Hull (Composer)556532 12123 55651
LAST BEAMAsa Hull (Arranger)133335 54342 43171
AUTUMN (Barthélemon)Asa Hull (Arranger)212321 65312 32352
[Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings]Asa Hull (Composer)233553 21176 65511
[Fill my days, dear Lord, with light]Asa Hull (Composer)233321 65123 14323
[Flag of America]Asa Hull (Composer)332117 74322 11654
[Flee as a bird to your mountain] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)355432 34515 33456
FLORENCE (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)212335 43224 32112
[For God, from whom all blessings flow]Asa Hull (Composer)255434 56531 21231
[See, the sun is high in heaven]Asa Hull (Composer)455555 53121 23555
[For the sunshine and the rain]Asa Hull (Composer)333335 43222 34323
[For Thy wondrous grace, O God of love]Asa Hull (Composer)234545 67171 76565
[For unto us a Child is born] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)256711 12332 15432
[For years, with our politest bow]Asa Hull (Composer)253335 44453 51765
["Forget me not," we often say]Asa Hull (Composer)356515 65356 52652
[Four centuries are on thy brow]Asa Hull (Composer)213553 11165 65312
[Friend of sinners, take, O take me!]Asa Hull (Composer)351621 76531 35432
[From the woods, and fields, and bowers]Asa Hull (Composer)355555 53212 22233
[Gather and band for the right]Asa Hull (Composer)333343 23322 23435
[Gather the children into the fold] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)255554 56715 54323
[Gird on the armor of the skies]Asa Hull (Composer)251327 16534 34535
[Give as the Lord hath blessed thy store]Asa Hull (Composer)253451 16153 45325
[Give thanks, all ye people, give thanks to the Lord] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)551321 15616 65551
[Glad as the morning, swift as the light]Asa Hull (Composer)513215 61651 12334
[Glad tidings of great joy we bring]Asa Hull (Composer)251232 17165 17125
[Glorious things of thee are spoken] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)834455 17653 16531
[Glory and honor, praise and power be unto Him]Asa Hull (Composer)211712 33212 51777
[Glory be to the Father and to the Son] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)713567 15176 56543
[Go forth and sow the seeds]Asa Hull (Composer)353456 51765 43326
[Go tell the great Redeemer's love]Asa Hull (Composer)412323 45653 12432
[Go thou forth, the field is whitening]Asa Hull (Composer)253123 45344 43453
[Go when the morning shineth] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232135 16555 43453
[Go, ye messengers of God] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)333321 23112 43215
[God is love; His mercy brightens] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)256531 76715 51351
[Going up, to the joys everlasting]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 44431 12222
[Good tidings, good tidings] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)355354 24351 3325
[Goodbye, pastor, goodbye]Asa Hull (Composer)251523 11777 12227
[Hail, blessed morn! When Christ was born]Asa Hull (Composer)232315 32315 32531
[Hail, happy anniversary day]Asa Hull (Composer)253515 12311 61655
[Hark! I hear the Savior calling] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)234516 15651 23343
[Hark! the bell to prayer is calling]Asa Hull (Composer)355534 23552 53555
[Hark, the herald angels sing] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)432153 21234 32132
[Haste, brother, haste! for the Master is calling]Asa Hull (Composer)353453 12123 56465
[Have you any room for Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)312333 33531 22223
[He giveth songs by day]Asa Hull (Composer)351767 15121 71223
[He is risen! hallelujah!]Asa Hull (Composer)217113 23323 21651
[He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass]Asa Hull (Arranger)253455 56543 33544
[He standeth knocking at the door] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232165 13532 17123
[He that soweth precious seed]Asa Hull (Composer)453355 44432 14353
[Higher, higher would I soar]Asa Hull (Composer)415315 53234 56535
[Higher than the mountain top]Asa Hull (Composer)211135 65111 32222
[Holy Father, we adore thee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)2
[How gentle falls the dew of night]Asa Hull (Composer)353445 16153 43453
["How goes the battle?" O watchman, tell!]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[How like a dream the hour that's past]Asa Hull (Composer)255465 32172 17655
[How lovely the flowers that bloom]Asa Hull (Composer)255123 43265 23454
[How much of joy and comfort]Asa Hull (Composer)312332 21534 55443
[No book is like the Bible]Asa Hull (Composer)1133343 32222 13213
[I am coming to the Savior]Asa Hull (Composer)712333 45355 43231
[I am the Door, If any man]Asa Hull (Composer)253127 16511 76715
[I am the Life of the world below]Asa Hull (Composer)215131 35671 17621
[I am the Truth, eternal]Asa Hull (Composer)253456 51117 16552
[I am the Way, walk ye therein]Asa Hull (Composer)253653 24317 65312
[I came to Jesus, lost, undone]Asa Hull (Composer)353451 16565 65332
[I fear not the gloom of midnight]Asa Hull (Composer)612333 44311 22212
[I had rather be found in the highway of God]Asa Hull (Composer)255111 11121 23555
[I hear thee speak of the better land] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)253333 34433 33221
[I heard the voice of Jesus say] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)551534 53123 16713
[I know her walls are jasper]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[I know that my Redeemer lives] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)253217 16512 123
[I love to steal awhile away] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)234511 55775 51312
[I love to think of the music grand]Asa Hull (Composer)351117 65655 55434
[I think of a home that is wondrously bright]Asa Hull (Composer)312333 31233 33345
[I was burdened with sin, and with doubtings and fears]Asa Hull (Composer)234556 53511 76655
[If birdies sing their praise to God]Asa Hull (Composer)251324 31152 43513
[If we can not plant our cottage]Asa Hull (Composer)651333 23555 52343
[If you would help the Savior's cause]Asa Hull (Composer)251112 33355 22435
[I'll sing of the goodness of God to me]Asa Hull (Composer)251712 12355 55653
[I'm but a stranger here] (Hull)A. Hull (Composer)353456 51765 53456
[I'm nearing home! Life's wintry blast]Asa Hull (Composer)632135 11646 53321
[I'm standing on the mountain]Asa Hull (Composer)234551 56555 42343
[In God I have found a retreat]Asa Hull (Composer)2213333 23532 22212
[In the battle here with sin]Asa Hull (Composer)212321 23432 17125
[In the battle of life there is work to do]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 32144 44322
[In the silence of the night] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)254531 17164 45653
[In the silent midnight watches] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)1013555 53122 22313
[In these days when truth and error]Asa Hull (Composer)453176 42176 54365
[In Thine own good time, dear Lord, we trust]Asa Hull (Composer)253445 17671 17123
[In well doing be not weary]Asa Hull (Composer)253123 45335 43466
[It may be far, it may be near] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)351235 43252 22432
[It takes two feet to bear us up]Asa Hull (Composer)254345 65131 76616
[I've been thinking of my home, my heavenly home]Asa Hull (Composer)251333 21766 55577
[I've been up the Mount with my Lord today]Asa Hull (Composer)312334 53212 16512
[Jerusalem, the golden] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)213517 65321 43213
[Jesus, Arzt für alles Übel]Asa Hull (Composer)254345 13121 76532
[Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)332135 67165 32135
[Jesus calls for toilers now]Asa Hull (Composer)354345 11655 65433
[Jesus, I hear Thee knocking]A. H. (Composer)313334 56535 54231
[Jesus, Lord of all compassion]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Jesus, our Lord and Savior]Asa Hull (Composer)232151 32132 15433
[Jesus, refuge of my soul] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)251133 21335 54355
[Jesus, Savior, pilot me] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)3
[Jesus sought and saved me]Asa Hull (Arranger)155655 44352 35565
[Jesus, the fairest of the fair]Asa Hull (Composer)251234 56532 14325
[Jesus, when He left the sky] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)233333 35111 11132
[Joy and gladness! joy and gladness] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232345 45176 56246
[Joy! Joy! Joy! is the song the angels sing!]Asa Hull (Composer)313567 15671 24771
[Just over on the other side]Asa Hull (Composer)433212 34332 12654
[Keep me, Father, safely keep me]Asa Hull (Composer)334332 15655 43145
[Keep your lamp burning brightly while you sojourn below]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Late! late, so late! and dark the night and chill] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)434431 21231 56653
[Launch the ship of Prohibition]Asa Hull (Composer)251321 65113 56535
[Let us go to Bethlehem, to Bethlehem]Asa Hull (Composer)233123 33344 44433
[Let us rally round the standard]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Life seems but a sparkling river] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)212323 23512 33543
[Lift high the notes of sweetest song]Asa Hull (Composer)255434 56511 76716
[Little pilgrims, whither going]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 34323 54334
[Live not as to thyself alone]Asa Hull (Composer)233234 43231 21254
[Lo! the ripened grain is waving]Asa Hull (Composer)632123 65332 12332
[Lo! Yon bright, countless throng]Asa Hull (Composer)231233 34234 44453
[Look abroad, the world grows wider]Asa Hull (Composer)315321 65125 24323
[Look not upon the foaming beer]Asa Hull (Composer)253121 65651 17122
[Many are longing Thy message to hear]Asa Hull (Composer)532165 17121 12343
[Many are the sorrows, many are the tears] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)331531 55654 32654
[Meet again! when life is over] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)355366 53322 11766
[Time is earnest, passing by] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)635651 23432 17123
[Merry Christmas! loudly ringing]Asa Hull (Composer)255176 65355 42453
[More Thou art than friend or brother]Asa Hull (Composer)454321 51166 53254
[Murmur on, murmur on, O thou harp of the blest]Asa Hull (Composer)355545 57111 15671
[My foot is on the threshold]Asa Hull (Composer)555332 16165 13125
[My friend, do you know that the tempter of souls]Asa Hull (Composer)451712 12343 25543
[My God I am Thine, what a comfort divine] (51132)Asa Hull (Arranger)151132 55114 31355
[My soul with rapture waits for Thee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)813333 53311 12123
[Nearer, my God, to Thee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)212232 15243 66655
[Nearer, O my blessed Savior]Asa Hull (Composer)233216 16511 22332
[No matter if storm clouds are heavy and dark]Asa Hull (Composer)355356 46535 16523
[No night shall be in heaven]Asa Hull (Composer)455333 33443 33222
[Now to the Lord a noble song] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)313456 71233 25221
[O, ask me not to sip the wine]Asa Hull (Composer)253332 16512 12325
[Chant] (Hull 56117)Asa Hull (Composer)356117 16657 1
[O come unto the Savior, for why will you delay]Asa Hull (Composer)455535 15122 12334
[O, come ye, O, come ye, in youth's sunny time]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[O holy morn! O happy day!]Asa Hull (Composer)233231 34342 55117
[O joyous time! O golden days!]Asa Hull (Composer)234451 76517 12212
[O kings from eastern shore]Asa Hull (Composer)313234 53434 53165
[O, let me cling to Thee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)734332 13221 23321
[O see! O see! the Christmas tree!]Asa Hull (Composer)253535 13511 71223
[O sing the sweet song of the angels]Asa Hull (Composer)255556 54515 65617
[O soldier brave, in strength arise]Asa Hull (Composer)551113 45554 32234
[O the love of Christ is boundless]Asa Hull (Composer)653511 12322 23431
[O wonderful story of ages]Asa Hull (Composer)155653 21166 51332
[Over the hills the sun is setting] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)933321 23566 53132
[O blessed feet of Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)213344 53543 21551
[O bright is the wine, the ruby wine]Asa Hull (Composer)453333 34444 33332
[O have you not heard of a beautiful stream]Asa Hull (Composer)555451 33234 35523
[O, there are those who've wandered long]Asa Hull (Composer)251112 33332 34325
[O who is this Warrior that cometh from Edom]Asa Hull (Composer)351765 35542 46553
[O wondrous theme of Christmas tide]Asa Hull (Composer)251535 12334 44433
BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLICAsa Hull (Arranger)155554 35123 33211
[On stormy seas I sail my bark]Asa Hull (Composer)455653 11216 55653
[On the stormy Galilee]Asa Hull (Composer)233312 31555 43326
[Once more the world looks back along]Asa Hull (Composer)453445 17655 54346
[Once o'er the hills of Judah]Asa Hull (Composer)453451 17276 54345
[One by one are autumn leaves]Asa Hull (Composer)554531 43212 65435
[One more day's work for Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)255321 17656 45356
[Only one moment at once goes by]Asa Hull (Composer)211133 34433 22212
[Only waiting till the shadows] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)712312 16511 35332
[Onward, right onward!]Asa Hull (Composer)656553 21232 15655
[Our fathers who loved Jesus]Asa Hull (Composer)232123 45332 12345
[Over and over again] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)313555 43212 33345
[Over death's dark river they are passing, one by one]Asa Hull (Composer)312333 32153 12355
[Over the mountain the sunlight breaks]Asa Hull (Composer)411111 13312 22222
[Over the mountains, the mountains of sin]Asa Hull (Composer)513211 76123 12333
PEARLY GATEAsa Hull (Composer)251231 23134 32176
[Pilgrim, whither journey you]Asa Hull (Composer)315125 32513 21512
[Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord]Asa Hull (Composer)711133 31451 35654
[Praise to God, immortal praise] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232154 32123 43213
[Praise waiteth for Thee, O God, in Zion] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)255451 53456 51765
[Put on the armor of the Lord] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)213213 56517 65343
[Redeemed! redeemed! O precious thought]Asa Hull (Composer)651233 43333 22212
ALL TO CHRIST (Grape)Asa Hull (Composer)413565 31122 12313
[Alas! and did my Savior bleed] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)9033224 43355 31323
[Rest, weary heart] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)334433 21432 15555
REUBEN (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)353451 76564 53455
[Ring out, O bells, right merrily]Asa Hull (Composer)251355 65534 44535
[Ring with joy and gladness]Asa Hull (Composer)255653 53244 66555
[Ring, ye bells, from steeples high]Asa Hull (Composer)251317 21315 43513
[Say, do we gather grapes of thorns]Asa Hull (Composer)355455 66555 44535
[See the heathen, far away]Asa Hull (Composer)212321 23217 12313
[Sent by God's eternal love]Asa Hull (Composer)251342 31135 64531
[Shade of the everlasting Rock]Asa Hull (Composer)311111 22117 65171
[Shadows may darken our pathway]Asa Hull (Composer)232154 33223 43213
[Shall we meet beyond the river] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)234532 31566 51232
[Should sorrow o’er thy brow]Asa Hull (Composer (attributed to))2
[Silent night! hallowed night] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)331157 65133 55231
[Silently as the twilight shadows]Asa Hull (Composer)555517 66512 34321
[Sing a glorious song of the harvest home]Asa Hull (Composer)255665 34543 33234
[Sing on, my soul, thy mission prove]Asa Hull (Composer)955432 34515 66531
CONSTANCY (Anonymous)Asa Hull, 19th Century (Composer)1833332 35322 55423
[Sitting at the feet of Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232123 45343 21712
[Snowdrops, lift your timid heads] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)355457 65432 53111
[So, my boy, you are leaving the old fireside]Asa Hull (Composer)255333 32344 33332
[Softly down the lapse of ages]Asa Hull (Composer)432176 71665 12336
[Softly, on the breath of evening]A. Hull (Arranger)132115 65671 22213
[Soldiers on life's battlefield] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)433333 23456 54324
[Some day the world beneath my feet]Asa Hull (Composer)353455 66555 44435
[Sometime we'll reach the summer land]Asa Hull (Composer)233333 44333 22234
[Stand fast for God, though all alone]Asa Hull (Composer)255333 43255 22223
[Stand firmly, Christian Soldier]Asa Hull (Composer)353323 15355 45356
[Stand up for Jesus, Christian, stand] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)3933333 51322 34712
[Star of the East, O beautiful star]Asa Hull (Composer)453515 65453 12355
[Step by step, we're marching onward]Asa Hull (Composer)313556 54531 72466
[Summer time has come again]Asa Hull (Composer)213243 21334 45664
[Sunshine clear and sunshine bright]Asa Hull (Composer)333321 44444 43255
[Sweet is the song of heaven]Asa Hull (Composer)353323 21513 53321
[Sweet Mary was sitting in sorrow]Asa Hull (Composer)255345 12315 66617
[Sweet the moments, rich in blessing] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)754345 11616 53453
[Sweet 'tis to sing of Thee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)332161 53215 55321
[Tarry with me, O my Savior] (Hull)A. Hull (Composer)355532 16571 25312
[Tell me the story of Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)233212 34533 32171
[Thanks be to God for the victory over sin] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)813456 71111 76665
[The Ark of salvation floats over life's sea]Asa Hull (Composer)351113 21546 53212
[The battle cry is sounding]Asa Hull (Composer)255535 11117 16555
THE BEAUTIFUL RIVERAsa Hull (Composer)1351111 71217 11321
[The blessed gates of gospel grace]Asa Hull (Composer)253651 76565 31332
[The children for temperance are gathering]Asa Hull (Composer)251113 13531 11132
[The dawn is surely breaking]Asa Hull (Composer)251513 55656 53551
[The dear Redeemer came to win]Asa Hull (Composer)353121 65354 24313
[The gospel bells are ringing clear]Asa Hull (Composer)255651 17752 25335
[The Master of the vineyard is coming in His glory]Asa Hull (Composer)353456 51111 76655
[The morning light is breaking] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)251324 31522 32351
[The night is dark, the storm is loud]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[The parting hour must surely come]Asa Hull (Composer)251234 56532 34466
[The prohibition host have come]Asa Hull (Composer)253234 51233 23425
["The race is on," the Master from the skies]Asa Hull (Composer)255655 64165 51115
[The road is straight and graded well]Asa Hull (Composer)355155 61665 57655
[The Shepherd looked out on the mountain cold]Asa Hull (Composer)213234 34553 32345
[The waves are rising high]Asa Hull (Composer)351176 53222 45511
[The world is full of beauty]Asa Hull (Composer)451354 65313 21223
[The world is so great, and so little am I]Asa Hull (Composer)253445 35176 55544
[The world's a field of battle]Asa Hull (Composer)451327 15171 23443
[There are joys we fondly cherish]Asa Hull (Composer)512345 65115 56531
[There are lonely hearts to cherish] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)751334 33257 22231
[There is a city over there]Asa Hull (Composer)333332 34433 32223
[There is a radiant, sunny clime]Asa Hull (Composer)251232 34431 21243
[There is a spot to me more dear] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)413332 15651 23332
[There is a Star, a Beacon Light]Asa Hull (Composer)233123 55432 22343
[There is a straight and narrow path]Asa Hull (Composer)453217 67123 45123
[There is a stream]A. H. (Arranger)112713 42353 45434
[There is a stream, whose gentle flow] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)856551 55655 33326
[There is work for every one]Asa Hull (Composer)711335 53235 43113
[There's a beautiful light shining over the sea]Asa Hull (Composer)255565 17656 53554
[There's a call for the reapers to come]Asa Hull (Composer)355321 61651 77123
[There's a land of fadeless beauty in the sky]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 33512 32344
[There's a sound of marching feet]Asa Hull (Composer)232111 11712 22221
[There's a storm on the sea]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 33344 44443
[There's a tree that's ever growing, growing]Asa Hull (Composer)554345 65351 32122
[There's a warfare sin is waging bold and strong]Asa Hull (Composer)312333 33512 33455
[There's a wideness in God's mercy] (Vail)Asa Hull (Arranger)156531 21656 53132
[There's an open fountain in Zion]Asa Hull (Composer)512333 55432 11712
[They have reached the sunny shore] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Thirsting 'neath the noonday sun] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)233334 43322 44333
[Though fierce the howling winds may blow]Asa Hull (Composer)255553 46533 33213
[Though the mist hang over the river] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)334516 15334 51712
[Though the winds may blow and the tears may flow]Asa Hull (Composer)434545 45176 56562
[Though on the sea of life my little bark is tossed]Asa Hull (Composer)155112 17622 32176
[Through heaven's clear arch the echoes rang]Asa Hull (Composer)453155 31576 51531
['Tis but the social, friendly glass]Asa Hull (Composer)455453 33231 32126
['Tis Jesus calls, "Come unto me"]Asa Hull (Composer)455123 23111 76712
[Today the Savior calls] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)513323 11271 13543
[Today we sing thy matchless fame]Asa Hull (Composer)253156 55121 23531
[Tossed with rough winds and faint with fear] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)351234 51535 32321
['Twas Jesus, my Savior, who died on the tree] (Hull)A. Hull (Composer)955345 15646 65554
['Twas only a cup of cold water]Asa Hull (Composer)413334 34533 45432
[Unshaken by the flight of time]Asa Hull (Composer)451232 14332 12316
[Unto the God of the seasons]Asa Hull (Composer)315131 35312 34212
[Up and away, like the dew of the morning] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)856535 51223 21616
[Upon the Savior's brow doth rest]Asa Hull (Composer)213234 54534 34653
[Wake the song of jubilee] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)755551 23555 53215
[Walking through the crowded city]Asa Hull (Composer)256532 17656 53212
[Watch, for the time is short] (Hull)A. Hull (Composer)333334 51111 23555
[Watching through the night and waiting for the dawn]Asa Hull (Composer)655565 35312 16566
[I am dwelling on the mountain] (Dadmun)Asa Hull (Arranger)351312 11616 55611
[We are earnest toilers on life's fruitful field]Asa Hull (Composer)655345 11767 13321
[We are going home to the land of light]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 33443 33322
[We are happy pilgrims]Asa Hull (Composer)354545 11716 55454
[We are heralds of a great and free salvation]Asa Hull (Composer)232151 23456 53132
[We are here with songs of gladness]Asa Hull (Composer)253423 12511 22332
[We are Jesus' little pilgrims]Asa Hull (Composer)212333 33333 44444
[We are marching, onward marching] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)313545 65313 24721
[I am waiting by the river] (Hastings)A. Hull (Composer)234516 15334 51712
[We are Zion's cadets, 'tis our joy and pride]Asa Hull (Composer)212332 31355 45332
[We come with happy greetings]Asa Hull (Composer)455565 45351 17655
[We may spread our couch with roses] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)334556 55312 23213
[We shall know each other better on that happy, golden shore]Asa Hull (Composer)234555 56535 11765
[We speak of the realms of the blest] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)313234 34565 31171
[We through the wilderness must go]Asa Hull (Composer)453456 56515 34343
[Welcome, sweet dawning of the morn]Asa Hull (Composer)351321 65351 71223
[We'll not give up the Bible] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)232135 17642 13532
[We'll take the world for Jesus]Asa Hull (Composer)251513 21343 45354
[We're going to enter the pearly gates]Asa Hull (Composer)253445 45176 62175
[We're marching on an army strong]Asa Hull (Composer)255351 16165 31531
[What do the bells in the steeple say?]Asa Hull (Composer)653213 45655 24355
[What of the night, O watchman] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)431234 31321 74354
[What shall I do with Jesus] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)412325 53323 45433
[What though the fig tree blossoms not]Asa Hull (Composer)613555 51355 55554
[When little children do the wrong]Asa Hull (Composer)253455 65555 44265
[When marshaled on the nightly plain] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)413451 32111 11171
[When 'mid the music of the spheres]Asa Hull (Composer)353455 65517 12715
[When mountains of doubt hem me in on each side]Asa Hull (Composer)934555 55566 65551
[When night her solemn anthem sings]Asa Hull (Composer)455321 76517 71133
[When Power Infinite awoke]Asa Hull (Composer)231355 66555 54535
[When sailing over time's restless sea]Asa Hull (Composer)534565 45121 76543
[When shall I see the day]Asa Hull (Composer)251117 62171 51117
[When sunshine floods thine earthly way]Asa Hull (Composer)355333 32222 34721
[When tempted to do that you know is not right]Asa Hull (Composer)351113 33444 33222
[When the harps of gold are ringing]Asa Hull (Composer)555456 71561 76532
[When the mists have rolled in splendor] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)412333 33213 55543
[When the tempest rages high] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)553123 65532 14325
[When the turbulent waves in their fury dash high]Asa Hull (Composer)212323 43454 36665
[When these days of toil and strife are over]Asa Hull (Composer)232123 45651 65321
[When to save a sinful race]Asa Hull (Composer)254353 21232 17657
[When we are tempted or when we do wrong]Asa Hull (Composer)356711 13215 43252
[When we hear the music ringing] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)351111 76716 51432
[When your feet are placed in the narrow way]Asa Hull (Composer)212331 23465 31321
[When your wearied footsteps falter]Asa Hull (Composer)332177 66556 51232
[Where hast thou gleaned today, Christian]Asa Hull (Composer)231234 32152 43212
[While fields are deck'd with beauty]Asa Hull (Composer)253121 65132 12531
[While sailing over life's stormy seas] (Hull)Asa Hull (Composer)431235 12332 12542
[While shepherds on the eastern plain]Asa Hull (Composer)113453 46543 16712
[While we with joyful hearts unite]Asa Hull (Composer)617127 13532 14321
[Willing little voices raise]Asa Hull (Composer)235653 51221 23323
[With cloudless sky we started]Asa Hull (Composer)755565 45351 17655
[With our praise we'll crown the Savior]Asa Hull (Composer)253123 45335 43453
[With sorrowful hearts we meet today]Asa Hull (Composer)213334 43554 32343
[With steady steps we're treading]Asa Hull (Composer)353456 65554 3453
[With their robes made white as snow]Asa Hull (Composer)256515 65543 46654
[Within Thy house, O Lord, this day]Asa Hull (Composer)311355 67151 53212
WONDERFUL STARAsa Hull (Composer)313476 56711 55433
[Wondrous cross! thy glory beaming]Asa Hull (Composer)2
[Would you hear salvation's story?]Asa Hull (Composer)253321 66517 12533
[Would you live for evermore]Asa Hull (Composer)211123 55535 65321
[Ye soldiers of the cross in the army of the Lord]Asa Hull (Arranger)155653 51233 32166
[You have had an invitation to the Gospel-feast]Asa Hull (Composer)312333 43213 56555
[You see I'm a thorough temperance man]Asa Hull (Composer)251111 71221 13333
ZORINSKYAsa Hull (Composer)353212 65344 33253
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