H. B. Jones

Short Name: H. B. Jones
Full Name: Jones, H. B.
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Texts by H. B. Jones (20)sort descendingAsInstances
A stranger in a barren landH. B. Jones (Author)1
Abundant is God's graceH. B. Jones (Author)3
Dark and dreary is the lifeH. B. Jones (Author)3
Dawn of day is fast appearingH. B. Jones (Author)4
God's tender love has filled my lifeH. B. Jones (Author)2
Gracious God, send down thy SpiritH. B. Jones (Author)4
Hark, the joy bells now are ringingH. B. Jones (Author)2
I have found a Friend and SaviorH. B. Jones (Author)3
I will tell the wondrous storyH. B. Jones (Author)2
I'm looking for himH. B. Jones (Author)1
Jesus, Savior, I adore theeH. B. Jones (Author)4
Let all the nations sing the praises of our KingH. B. Jones (Author)5
O Dduw, O Dduw, O Dduw, rho im dy hedd (O God, O God, O God, Thy peace by mine)H. B. Jones (Author)2
O God, O God, thou art my strength and shieldH. B. Jones (Author)2
O gracious God, with yearning heart I pleadH. B. Jones (Author)3
Ring out the message far and wideH. B. Jones (Author)5
The day of lmirth and gladnessH. B. Jones (Author)2
The path may be rugged and steepH. B. Jones (Author)2
There is a light that shines around meH. B. Jones (Author)3
When all my days are endedH. B. Jones (Author)3
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