John Kent

John Kent
Short Name: John Kent
Full Name: Kent, John, 1766-1843
Birth Year: 1766
Death Year: 1843

Kent, John, was born at Bideford, Devonshire, Dec. 1766, and died Nov. 15, 1843. As a working shipwright his opportunities for acquiring the education and polish necessary for the production of refined verse were naturally limited. His hymns are strongly worded, very earnest and simple, and intensely Calvinistic. A few were published in Samuel Reece's Collection, 1799. The first edition of his Collection of Original Gospel Hymns, was published in 1803, and the 10th edition, with "The Author's Experience," in verse, 264 hymns, 15 longer pieces, and a Life by his Son in 1861. The Calvinistic teaching so prominent in his hymns has restricted their use to a limited number of collections. The greatest use made of them in modern hymnbooks has been by Mr. Spurgeon (Our Own Hymn Book, 1866) and Mr. Snepp (Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872). In the following list the dates in brackets indicate the dates of publication:—
1. Before the Almighty began (1841). Election.
2. Betroth'd in love, ere time began (1803). Election.
3. Christ exalted is our song (1803). Christ the sin tier's Surety.
4. Come saints, and sing in sweet accord (1803). Stability of the Covenant.
5. Hark, how the blood-bought host above (1803). Election.
6. How sweet the notes of yonder choir (1841). Christmas.
7. In types and shadows we are told (1803). Pardon.
8. Indulgent God, how kind (1803). Electing Love.
9. Let Zion in her songs record (1803). Pardon--Grace exalted.
10. Love was the great self-moving cause (1803). Free Grace.
11. Precious is the Name of Jesus (1841). The Precious Name.
12. Salvation by grace, how charming the song (1803). Free Grace.
13. Saved from the damning power of sin (1803). Eternal Love.
14. Sons of God, in tribulation (1803). Affliction.
15. Sons of peace, redeemed by blood (1803). Good Friday.
16. Sovereign grace o'er sin abounding (1827). Perseverance of the faint.
17. 'Tis the Church triumphant singing (1803). Praise.
18. 'Twas not to make Jehovah's love (1803). Election.
19. 'Twas with an everlasting love (1803). Election.
20. What cheering words are these (1803). Safety in God.
21. With David's Lord, and ours (1803). The Divine Covenant.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by John Kent (131)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
聽哪,這是教會凱歌:羔羊是配 (Tīng nǎ, zhè shì jiàohuì kǎigē: Gāoyáng shì pèi)John Kent (Author)Chinese2
All-sufficient is our JesusJohn Kent (Author)English1
Arise, my thoughts, and trace the springJohn Kent (Author)6
As Moses lifts the serpent highJohn Kent (Author)5
As round the pool, Bethsaida namedJohn Kent (Author)2
Awake, my soul, and with the sunJ. Kent (Author)English1
Before the covenant angel's faceJohn Kent (Author)5
Before the day star knew its placeJohn Kent (Author)6
Behold from the desert of sinJohn Kent (Author)English2
Behold how Adam's hapless raceJohn Kent (Author)6
Behold the holy placeKent (Author)5
Behold the spouse replete [oppressed] with fearsJohn Kent (Author)4
Beneath the sacred throne of GodJohn Kent (Author)English13
Betrothed in love ere time beganJohn Kent (Author)2
Blessed are the poor in spirit, who their native vileness seeJohn Kent (Author)3
By covenant transaction, and bloodKent (Author)English2
Children of light arise my songJohn Kent (Author)3
Christ, exalted, is our songJohn Kent (Author)5
Christ is the sinner's only friendJohn Kent (Author)5
Come, saints, and sing in sweet accordJohn Kent (Author)English4
Come, saints, and sing in sweet accord Nor let your sorrows swellJohn Kent (Author)2
Come, search the Scriptures, saith the LordJohn Kent (Author)6
Die Erlösten droben singenJohn Kent (Author)German1
From sin's dark, thorny mazeKent (Author)8
From Zion, God declaresJohn Kent (Author)5
Go search the Scriptures, saith our [the] LordJohn Kent (Author)4
God, in the riches of his graceJohn Kent (Author)5
Great God, how deep thy counsels lieJohn Kent (Author)English1
Great Rock, for weary sinners madeKent (Author)6
Great Salem's King, of old renownedJohn Kent (Author)4
Great Source of all eternal graceJohn Kent (Author)4
Great Source of all the eternal graceJohn Kent (Author)4
Hail, plant renowned, thy leaves how fairKent (Author)3
Hark! how the blood-bought hosts aboveKent (Author)English3
Hark, 'tis the bridegroom's voiceJohn Kent (Author)3
He loveth righteousness, and judgmentJohn Kent (Author)2
He that hath an ear, let him hearJohn Kent (Author)2
Hear what the hope of Isr'l saithJohn Kent (Author)7
His dominion is an everlasting dominionJohn Kent (Author)2
I will mention the loving kindess of JehovahJohn Kent (Author)2
In Christ the Rock, let those who dwellJohn Kent (Author)7
In types and shadows we are toldJohn Kent (Author)3
In union with the Lamb From condemnation freeJohn Kent (Author)9
Indulgent God, how kindKent (Author)English14
Jehovah hath said, 'Tis left on recordJohn Kent (Author)English7
Jehovah in council, resolved to fulfilJohn Kent (Author)5
Jehovah's my Shepherd, therefore shall I want nothingJohn Kent (Author)2
Jesus hath magnified the lawJohn Kent (Author)4
Jesus hath suffered once for sinKent (Author)English6
Jesus heals the broken heartedJohn Kent (Author)9
Jesus, the sun and substance isJohn Kent (Author)5
Let those who inhabit the RockJohn Kent (Author)7
Let Zion in her songs recordJohn Kent (Author)English9
Let Zion songs of triumph singKent (Author)English5
Lord of creation's wondrous frameJohn Kent (Author)5
Lord, what love have IJohn Kent (Author)2
Lord, who shall dwell, who shall dwell in thy tabernacleJohn Kent (Author)2
Love was the great self moving causeJohn Kent (Author)6
My love, saith Jesus to his brideJohn Kent (Author)2
Now is come, is come the salvationJohn Kent (Author)3
O Jehovah, our Lord, O Jehovah, Jehovah our LordJohn Kent (Author)2
O sweet employ, to sing and traceKent (Author)English3
O that I had a seraph's fireJohn Kent (Author)English10
O the mysterious depths of graceJohn Kent (Author)English4
O thou, before whose gracious throneJohn Kent (Author)53
O'er mercy's unfathomed abyssJohn Kent (Author)3
Of God's great love, ere time beganJohn Kent (Author)3
Oft as sins, my soul, assail theeJohn Kent (Author)3
On Zion's glorious summit standKent (Author)1
On Zion's glorious summit stood, A numerous host, redeemed by bloodJohn Kent (Author)English50
On Zion's sacred mount I sawJohn Kent (Author)5
On Zion's sacred mount I saw The lamb for sinners slainJohn Kent (Author)3
Once a friend of sinners dearJohn Kent (Author)5
Once a friend of sinners dear A man of sorrows sojourn'd hereJohn Kent (Author)3
Peace, by His cross, hath Jesus madeJohn Kent (Author)11
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (Ken)Kent (Author)English1
Prisoner of hope to Jesus turnJohn Kent (Author)2
Salvation by grace how charming the songJohn Kent (Author)6
Saul was a boasting PhariseeJohn Kent (Author)2
Saved from the awful guilt of sinJohn Kent (Author)3
Saved from the damning power of sinJohn Kent (Author)2
Shall Isr'l's ransomed raceJohn Kent (Author)3
Since man was out of Eden droveJohn Kent (Author)2
Sing, O heavens, and be joyful, O earth (Theme)John Kent (Author)English4
Sold under sin, was Paul's complaintJohn Kent (Author)2
Sons of God, in tribulationJohn Kent (Author)English5
Sons of peace, redeemed by bloodJohn Kent (Author)3
Sovereign grace! over sin aboundingJohn Kent (Author)English12
That grace might reign in sovereign swayJohn Kent (Author)4
The Canaanite still in the landJohn Kent (Author)10
The glorious gospel of our GodJohn Kent (Author)9
The good old way that leads to GodJohn Kent (Author)5
The gospel brings tidings to each wounded soulKent (Author)English1
The gospel herald criesJohn Kent (Author)2
The gospel of Jesus is built on free graceJohn Kent (Author)3
The heralds of Jesus commissioned by GodJohn Kent (Author)4
The Paschal Lamb which Israel slewKent (Author)4
The voice of the Shepherd his flock shall conveneJohn Kent (Author)5
There is a period known to GodJohn Kent (Author)English13
'Tis Jesus I sing, and salvation by graceJohn Kent (Author)5
'Tis the church triumphant singing, Worthy the Lamb!John Kent (Author)English6
'Tis the gospel's joyful tidingsJohn Kent (Author)English8
'Tis to his spouse, that Jesus speaksJohn Kent (Author)5
To banquet once the spouse was ledJohn Kent (Author)5
To Christ, except the Father drawJohn Kent (Author)2
To Isr'l, saith the LordJohn Kent (Author)2
'Twas not to make Jehovah's loveJohn Kent (Author)14
'Twas sinners Jehovah eternally blestJohn Kent (Author)2
'Twas with an everlasting loveJohn Kent (Author)English12
'Twixt Jesus and the chosen raceJohn Kent (Author)English14
Water from salvation's wellsJohn Kent (Author)4
What cheering words are theseJohn Kent (Author)English116
When from the precepts to the crossJohn Kent (Author)15
When from the truth professors turnJohn Kent (Author)5
When God from his throne did vengeance displayKent (Author)4
When in the cloud, with colors fairJohn Kent (Author)8
When legal hope my mind possessedJohn Kent (Author)5
When overwhelmed with doubts and fearJohn Kent (Author)9
When to his father's fond embrace The prodigal returnedJohn Kent (Author)9
When toiling for life at Sinai I layJohn Kent (Author)3
When Zion's sons, Great God, appearJohn Kent (Author)English5
Where two or three together meet, My love and mercy to repeatJohn Kent (Author)English27
While in the vale of vision, deadJohn Kent (Author)9
Who, but the soul that's led to knowJohn Kent (Author)English5
With David's Lord, and ours A covenant was madeJohn Kent (Author)English6
Ye ransomed sons of Adam's raceJohn Kent (Author)5
Ye sin sick souls, dismiss your fearsKent (Author)11
Ye slaves of sin, redeemed by bloodJohn Kent (Author)4
Ye slaves of sin, redeemed by blood Salvation's theme pursueJohn Kent (Author)2
Zion's a city fair Whose fame of old was knownKent (Author)English2
Zion's a city God hath blessed [blest]John Kent (Author)English8
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