Phillip Stanley Kerr

Short Name: Phillip Stanley Kerr
Full Name: Kerr, Phillip Stanley, 1906-1959
Birth Year: 1906
Death Year: 1959 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Phillip Stanley Kerr (10)sort descendingAsInstances
Be not weary or cast down, Drive awayPhillip S. Kerr (Author)4
If the dreams that I dream would come truePhil Kerr (Author)2
If you're on your way to heavenPhillip S. Kerr (Author)4
I'm trusting in Jesus todayPhillip S. Kerr (Author)2
I've found a loverPhillip Stanley Kerr (Author)5
Keep on believingPhillip S. Kerr (Author)2
Often on this earth we suffer sicknessPhillip S. Kerr (Author)3
Once there was sadnessP. K. (Author)2
Tell the world, Jesus savesPhillip S. Kerr (Author)2
When he leads me, where he leads mePhillip S. Kerr (Author)2
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