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Albert Allen Ketchum

Short Name: Albert Allen Ketchum
Full Name: Ketchum, Albert Allen, 1894-
Birth Year: 1894
Death Year: 1982

Little is known about Albert Allen Ketchum, except that he was once a student at Moody Bible Institute, in Chicago, and lived at one time in Long Beach, California. While attending Moody in the early 1920′s, he wrote the words and music for a gospel song called, "Why Do I Sing About Jesus?" It was one of 12 or 15 songs he submitted to Harry Dixon Clarke for publication.


In the 1940′s, Ketchum was associated with Delco Products Co. in Los Angeles, CA, and lived in nearby Long Beach, but little else is known about him, including the time and place of his death, other than that he flourished in the early twentieth century.

Texts by Albert Allen Ketchum (19)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A poor and wretched sinnerAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)2
As a companion, there's no better friendAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)2
Days so dark had beenAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)2
Deep in my heart there's a gladnessAlbert A. Ketchum (Author)English27
He brought me up from out a pitA. A. K. (Arranger)English1
Jesus saves me, keeps me each dayA. A. K. (Author)English2
Lead me, lead me, O my SaviorA. A. K. (Author)English3
My Savior controlleth my every wayA. A. Ketchum (Author)English2
Now our eyes are often dimAlbert Allen Ketchum (Allen Alket) (Author)English2
Often we hear from the sinnerAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)2
Some day, in your heart, you're going to need HimAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)English3
Suena en mi ser dulce cantoAlbert A. Ketchum (Author)Spanish3
The Christian life is warfare, A struggle day by dayA. A. Ketchum (Author (Theme))English1
There is One who promises to lead youA. A. K. (Author)English2
There's someone who helps me when friends pass byAlbert Allen Ketchum (Allen Alket) (Author)English1
This is the day, when men fail to prayAllen Albert Ketchum (Allen Alket) (Author)English1
When the friends of life have failed meAlbert Allen Ketchum (Author)English2
Why do I sing about Jesus? (Chorus)Albert Allen Ketchum (Author)English3
在我深處充滿喜樂,主己救我脫罪惡 (Zài wǒ shēn chù chōngmǎn xǐlè, zhǔ jǐ jiù wǒ tuō zuì'è)Albert A. Ketchum (Author)Chinese2
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