David T. Koyzis

David T. Koyzis
Short Name: David T. Koyzis
Full Name: Koyzis, David Theodore, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955
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Texts by David T. Koyzis (69)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
[All Those Who In the Most High Dwell]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Angels, Give the Lord Your Praise]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[As the Deer Seeks Flowing Rivers]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Be Merciful To Me, O God (Koyzis)]David T Koyzis (Author)2
[Beside the Babylonian Rivers Flowing]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Beside the Streams of Babylon (Koyzis)]David T. Koyzis (Author)2
[Christ is the image of the unseen God]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
Christ, who is in the form of GodDavid T. Koyzis (Versifier)English4
[Clap Your Hands, All You Peoples of the Earth]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Come, Praise the Lord and Be Joyful]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Come, Sing Our Praises To the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[God, Give Your Righteousness to the King]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[God Is Our Refuge and Our Salvation]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[God Placed His City On His Holy Mountain]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Had Not the Lord Been On His People's Side]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Happy Are Those Who Tend the Poor and Weak]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Help Us, O Lord, For None Remain That Love You]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Here Is My Servant Whom I Yet Uphold]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[How Blest Are They Who Keep From Evil Ways]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place] (Koyzis)David T. Koyzis (Author)2
[I Cried Out For God to Help Me]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[I Lift My Eyes Up to the Hills] (Koyzis)David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[I Love the Lord, For He Has Heart My Plea]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[I Thank You, Lord, With All My Heart] (Koyzis)David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[In My Distress I Sought the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[It Is So Good to Give Thanks and Praises to the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Judging Among Divine Pretenders]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Let All the Heavens Praise the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Listen, Lord, To the Prayer I Offer]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Lord, From All Ages You Were Our Salvation]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Lord, I Call To You; Haste To Help Me!]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Lord, Let My Words Receive a Hearing]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Lord, let your servant go]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[May God Be Merciful and Gracious]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[My soul declares aloud]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[My Soul Finds Rest In the Lord God]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[O Gracious God, Be Merciful To Me]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[O Lord, Do Not Chastise Me]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[O Lord, No Pride Is In My Heart]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[O Lord, Our Lord, Your Name Excels Creation]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Our Lord Reigns, May the Nations Quake in Fear]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Out of the Depths I Call You]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Out of the Depths of Hopelessness]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Praise, O My Soul, the Lord and Praise Him Solely]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Praise the Lord With Joyous Mirth]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Praise to the Lord, to Israel's God]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Save Me, O God, By Your Great Name]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Shout Joyfully To Praise the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Sing Praise, You Servants of the Lord]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Sing Praises to the Lord With One Voice]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Sing to the Lord a New Song of Praise]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Sing to the Lord, O Sing a New Song]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Thank the Lord, For He is Good] (Koyzis)David T Koyzis (Author)2
[Thanks Be To God For All His Goodness]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[The Earth Belongs to the Lord God]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[The Lord God Is My Light and My Salvation] (Koyzis)David T. Koyzis (Author)2
[The Lord Is King, Arrayed In Majesty]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[The Lord Said to My Lord] (Koyzis)David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[The Lord's My Shepherd, Close to Me Abiding]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[The Mighty Lord Calls Out To All the World]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Those Who Have Trusted in the Lord God]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[Thus Spoke the Lord: I Am Your God]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[To God the Lord Your Praises Sing]David T Koyzis (Author)English2
[To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul] (Koyzis)David T. Koyzis (Author)2
[When Israel Escaped Out of Egypt]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[When Zion's Captives Were Brought Home]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Wholehearted Thanks I Give You, Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[You Faithful Servants of the Lord]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
[Your People's Songs of Praise Await You]David T. Koyzis (Author)English2
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