T. A. Lacey

T. A. Lacey
Short Name: T. A. Lacey
Full Name: Lacey, T. A. (Thomas Alexander), 1853-1931
Birth Year: 1853
Death Year: 1931

Lacey, Thomas Alexander, s. of G. F. Lacey, was b. at Nottingham, Dec. 20, 1853. He entered Balliol Coll., Oxford, as an exhibitioner in 1871 (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1885), was ordained D. 1876, P. 1879, was from 1894 to 1903 Vicar of Madingley near Cambridge, and since then has been Chaplain of the London Diocesan Penitentiary. He was one of the Committee who compiled The English Hymnal, 1906, and contributed to it twelve translations (8, 66, 67, 69, 104, 123, 124, 174, 208, 226, 249, 325), also one unpublished and one previously published original, viz.,
1. O Faith of England, taught of old. [Church Defence.]
2. The dying robber raised his aching brow. [Good Friday.] First in the Treasury, Sept. 1905, p. 482, headed "Sursum."
Three other translations by him are noted at pp. 989, i. 1139, ii. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by T. A. Lacey (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A messenger within the graceThomas A. Lacey (Author)2
All prophets hail thee, from of old announcingT. A. L. (Translator)3
Faith of our fathers, taught of oldT. A. Lacey, 1853-1931 (Author)English2
Hail! festal day, to endless ages knownThomas A. Lacey (Author)English11
His cheering message from the graveThomas A. Lacey (Translator (from Latin))English7
Lord of Creation, bow thine ear, O Christ, to hearT. A. L. (Translator)4
Now is the healing time decreedT. A. Lacey, 1853-1931 (Translator)English8
O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ransom captive IsraelT. A. L. (Translator)English3
O come, o come, Emmanuel! Redeem thy captive IsraelT. A. Lacey, 1853-1931 (Translator)English3
O faith immortal [of England], taught of oldT. A. Lacey (Author)English8
O Jesus Christ, from thee beganT. A. L. (Translator)4
O kind Creator, bow thine earCanon T. A. Lacey (Translator)English9
O Savior Jesus, not aloneT. A. L. (Translator)English3
O Word immortal of eternal GodT. A. L. (Translator)English5
Servant of God, remember The stream thy soul bedewingT. A. L. (Translator)English5
The day draws on with golden lightT. A. L. (Translator)6
The dying robber raised his aching browT. A. L. (Author)3
With golden splendor and with roseate hues of mornT. A. L. (Translator)3

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