John Lane

Short Name: John Lane
Full Name: Lane, John, 1853-1945
Birth Year: 1853
Death Year: 1945

Lane, Rev. John. (New York City, 1853--1945, Nashville, Tennessee). Singing evangelist and hymn-writer. Son of Patrick and Alice O'Connor Lane (formerly "Lean"), Irish immigrants. He was an advertising solicitor for New York newspapers, when he was converted to Christianity and under the tutelage of Dr. T. De Witt Talmadge, he became a mission worker, and later conducted revival meetings in the East before going West in 1893 to Kansas City, Missouri.

--Information from multiple letters from Laura B. Lane, daughter, to Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives. A photo of John Lane is also in the DNAH Archives.


Lane’s works include:
Salvation Melodies (Kansas City, Missouri: John Lane, 1897)

As I Go Along My Pilgrim Way
As You Travel Life’s Rough Pathway
Christians, Rise and Join the Army
How Happy the Home, with a Baby About
I Am Going to Heaven with My Savior
I Came to Jesus Weary Worn
I Love My Savior, He’s Good to Me
If You Have Lost in the Battle
In the Home Where Jesus Is an Honored Guest
In the Storms of Life
Jesus Loves Little Children
Jesus, We Look to Thee
Keep Close to Jesus
My Sins Are All Forgiven
Out in the World I Wandered
Remember Your Mother
There Is Great Joy in Heaven
There Is Hope for All
There’s a Story Ever New
’Tis a Pleasure Sweet
We Are Happy Children
When a Brother Goes Wrong
When from Friends on Earth We’re Parted

Texts by John Lane (24)sort descendingAsInstances
As I go along my pilgrim wayJohn Lane (Author)2
As you travel life's rough pathwayJohn Lane (Author)2
Christians, rise and join the armyJohn Lane (Author)2
How happy the home, With a baby aboutJohn Lane (Author)2
I am going to heaven with my SaviorJohn Lane (Author)2
I came to Jesus weary wornJohn Lane (Author)2
I love my Savior, he's good to meJohn Lane (Author)2
If you have lost in the battle of lifeJ. L. (Author)6
In the home where Jesus is an honored guestJohn Lane (Author)3
In the storms of life, my Savior's nearJ. L. (Author)3
Jesus loves little childrenJohn Lane (Author)2
Jesus, we look to theeJohn Lane (Author)1
My sins are all forgiven, My Savior tells me soJ. L. (Author)3
Out in the world I wanderedJohn Lane (Author)3
Remember your mother, poor wandering childJohn Lane (Author)2
There is great joy in heavenJohn Lane (Author)2
There is hope for all, both the great and smallJohn Lane (Author)2
There's a story ever new, of a Friend that's ever trueJohn Lane (Author)4
'Tis a pleasure sweet, my teacher to greetJohn Lane (Author)2
We are happy children, For Jesus bids us comeJohn Lane (Author)2
Wenn dein Fuss je den Weg des Himmels betratJohn Lane (Author)1
When a brother goes wrong, and is lostJohn Lane (Author)2
When from friends on earth we're partedJohn Lane (Author)2
When you start for the land of heavenly restJ. L. (Author)52
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