Henry Lawes

Henry Lawes
Short Name: Henry Lawes
Full Name: Lawes, Henry, 1596-1662
Birth Year: 1596
Death Year: 1662

Born: January 5, 1596, Dinton, Wiltshire, England.
Died: October 21, 1662, London, England.
Buried: In the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, London, England.

Lawes, tutor to the daughters of the Earl of Bridgewater, is best known as a composer. He became a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal in 1626, and a member of the "King’s Musick" in 1631. He wrote over 400 vocal pieces, as well as anthems and instrumental compositions. His works include:

Choice Psalmes Put into Musick for Three Voices, 1648
Ayres and Dialogues (London: 1653)

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Tunes by Henry Lawes (11)sort descendingAsInstances
BATTLEHenry Lawes (Composer)5
[Chant] (H. Lawes 53211)Henry Lawes (Composer (arr. from))17
[Creator Spirit, by whose aid]Henry Lawes, 1596-1662 (Composer (melody))2
FALKLAND (Lawes)H. Lawes (Composer)4
FARLEY CASTLEHenry Lawes (Composer)40
LAWES' PSALM 47Henry Lawes (Composer (melody and bass))8
[Chant] (Lawes 53215)H. Lawes (Composer (from))4
[My life's a shade, my days]H. Lawes (Composer)2
PSALM 32 (Lawes)Henry Lawes (Composer)4
PSALM 9Henry Lawes (Composer)2
WHITEHALLHenry Lawes (Composer)9
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