John A. Lee

Short Name: John A. Lee
Full Name: Lee, John A. (Alfred), 1866-1952
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1952 does not have biographical information about this person.

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A better home awaits me there, When done with earth and all its careJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
After the battles of earth are o'erJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Are you in the Lord abidingJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Be a little sunbeam along life's wayJ. A. Lee (Author)English4
Beautiful mansion, O so fairJ. A. L. (Author)English2
Beyond this sphere where mortals treadJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Bright and firm in what you doJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Brother, look well to your mission belowJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Come and join us in the service of the LordJ. A. Lee (Author)English4
Deal gently, Lord, with me todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Fear not, my soul, no want can e'er be thineJ. A. Lee (Author)2
He dwells with me in passing yearsJ. A. Lee (Author)2
He is swifter than the swiftest, when He comes our souls to takeJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Hear ye his loving, tender voiceJ. A. Lee (Author)1
Heaven will be the best of allJ. A. Lee (Author)English4
Holy Spirit, Dove divine, Hear my earnest pleaJohn A. Lee (Author)English2
How often in life's journey here belowJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
I am longing for the coming of the morningRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
I am walking in the light, to that country fair and brightJ. A. L. (Author)English2
I belong to the Savior todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
I feel that I am homeward boundJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
I have found a Friend indeedJ. A. Lee (Author)1
I often think where loved ones goJ. A. Lee (Author)3
I shall some day cross the riverJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
I soon and forever shall be crossing the streamJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
I'll be with my Savior over thereJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
I'll try to do good in the world while I liveJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
In Jesus my hope is secureJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
In the morning, over yonder In the coutnry bright and fairJ. A. Lee (Author)2
In the preaching and the pleadingJ. A. Lee (Author)English5
It makes a heaven down here belowJ. A. L. (Author)English2
It's Christ the Lord, and His holy WordJ. Leem (Author)English3
I've had a glimpse of Jesus todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, Friend and GuideJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Just a little sunshine is what we need todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Let your light so shine, my brotherRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
Live for Jesus every day, As we journey on the wayJohn A. Lee (Author)English3
My Savior knows where I should goJ. A. Lee (Author)2
My sins were so great that no tongue could tellJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
No more sickness, death and painJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
O come to the cross and behold the dear LambJ. A. Lee (Author)1
O I often think todayJ. A. Lee (Author)2
O I was saved through mother's prayerJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
O praise his holy name, he took my sins awayJ. A. Lee (Author)2
O sinner, hear the invitation that's offered nowJ. A. Lee (Author)2
O teach me Lord thy will to knowJ. A. Lee (Author)3
O tell of the Savior, His wonderful loveJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
O the loved ones who have left usJ. A. Lee (Author)3
O the time is drawing near, When our Lord shall reappearJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
O weary one in pent of clayJ. A. Lee (Author)2
O what a meeting that will be, When gathered there from land and seaJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
One of these days our troubles will ceaseJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Open wide the bolted doorRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
Our Lord gave His life and His orders, tooJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Our race will soon be run, dear wifeRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
Over the billows and over the seaJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Repent today, tomorrow's rising sunL. A. J. (Arranger)English1
Seeking the lost, He is seeking todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
Some day I will in glory wakeJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Some day, some time, I know not whenRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
Some happy day, some better timeJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Sometimes, when clouds before thee riseJ. A. Lee (Author)3
The Lord supplies my daily needJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
The Savior's with me now todayRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
The story that never grows oldJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
The triumphs of our God are everywhere todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
There is a home in heaven above, Where all are free from sin and woeJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
There is a land that's always bright and fairRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English3
There is a land without a storm We all are hastening onJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
There is a Savior that's waiting for theeJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
There is joy in the thought of a mansion aboveJ. A. Lee (Author)2
There was a time I had no hopeRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
There'll be rejoicing in that dayJ. A. Lee (Author)2
There's a light that's shining bright, my brotherJ. A. Lee (Author)1
This beautiful morning we must goJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Up in that land where the glorified dwellJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Walk in wisdom's path todayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
We are gliding along life's weary wayJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
We are traveling home today, to that land of light and loveJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
We know not how soon his return will beJ. A. Lee (Author)English1
We shall lay the armor downJ. A. L. (Author)English2
We shall meet the loved ones yonderJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
We'll all be gone tomorrowJohn A. Lee (Author)English2
We're on our way to heaven aboveJ. A. L. (Author)English2
What shall we do in heaven aboveJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
When does with earth and every taskJ. A. Lee (Author)2
When I close my earthly pilgrimage, to that bright home I'll goJ. A. L. (Author)English2
When I leave this earthly homeJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
When I think of this worldJ. A. Lee (Author)3
When in affliction's valley I'm passing throughJ. A. L. (Author)English2
When my final farewell to the world I have saidRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English1
When the Master shall call me from service belowRev. J. A. Lee (Author)English2
When this world's cares are over and I'm coming home to restJohn A. Lee (Author)English2
When we reach our home up thereJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
When we reach that peaceful shore over thereJ. A. Lee (Author)English2
Why should mortals doubt and fearJ. A. Lee (Author)English3
With his love overflowingJ. A. Lee (Author)2
Wonderful time, we are going to seeJ. A. Lee (Author)2

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