Bryan Jeffery Leech

Short Name: Bryan Jeffery Leech
Full Name: Leech, Bryan Jeffery, 1931-
Birth Year: 1931

Bryan Jeffrey Leech was born in Middlesex, England in 1931. He came to the United States in 1955 and studied at Barrington College and North Park Seminary. He was ordained in 1961 and served in the Covenant Church. He composed more than 500 songs.

Dianne Shapiro

Texts by Bryan Jeffery Leech (36)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All creatures of our God and KingBryan Jeffery Leech (Author (st. 5))English1
All things are yours: we make that trueBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English6
Aun cuando cruja la tierra en tembloresBryan Jeffery Leech (Tr. al ingl├ęs, 2 y 3)Spanish3
Brethren, we have met to worshipBryan Jeffery Leech (Alterer)English3
PrayersBryan Jeffery Leech ()English8
[Glimpses of Glory]Bryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English3
ReadingsByan Jeffery Leech ()12
Great hills may tremble and mountains mayBryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author (stanzas 2, 3))3
Happy the home when God is there, And love fills every breastBryan Jeffrey Leech (Alterer)English1
Happy the home when God is there, And love fills everyone (Leech)Bryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author)6
Hark! the voice of Jesus crying, "Who will go and work today?"Bryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English1
I know that my redeemer livesBryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author)2
In a time of trouble, in a time forlornByan Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
In the circle of each homeBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
Kind and merciful God, we have sinned in your sightBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English7
Let God be GodBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English3
Let us celebrate the glories of our LordByran Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
Let your heart be brokenBryan Jeffrey Leech (Author)English12
Lord of all leisure timeBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English3
Lord, we think of broken marriages, shattered families, abused childrenBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
Lord, when we praise you with glorious musicBryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author)2
Make room within my heart, O GodBryan Jeffrey Leech, 1931 - (Author)English7
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Your branches are upliftedBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
O holy Dove of God descendingBryan Jeffrey Leech (Author)English15
Our Father in heaven, to you be all praise!Bryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author)2
Paloma Santa, descendiendoBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)Spanish2
Praise the Savior, ye who know, Him Who can tell how much we owe HimBryan Jeffery Leech (Author (st. 4))English4
Reach for the glorious prizeBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)2
This is a time to remember the greatness of the LordBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English4
This is my song, O God of all the nations,Bryan J. Leech (Author (vs. 4))English2
Through all the world let every nation singBryan Jeffery Leech, b. 1931 (Author)English8
We are God's people, the chosen of the LordBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English15
We are imperfect. God is FLAWLESS.Bryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English2
We are part of God's creationBryan Jeffery Leech, 1931- (Author)2
We gather here in Jesus' nameBryan Jeffery Leech (Author)English15
Your cause be mineBryan Jeffrey Leech, 1931 - (Author)English5
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