Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Short Name: Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Full Name: Lindeman, Ludvig Mathias, 1812-1887
Birth Year: 1812
Death Year: 1887 does not have biographical information about this person.

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AK, FADER, LAD DIT ORDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)3
[And now we must bid one another farewell] (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)2
[As after the waterbrooks panteth]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)3
[Awake, thou that sleepest, arise from death's slumberLudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)2
DEN STORE HVIDE FLOKLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)1
[Come, brethren, let us hasten on!]Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
NAAR MIT ØIELudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)25
DEATH IN THIS WORLD PREVAILETHLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
DER TAG, DER IST SO FREUDENREICHL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)1
DIES IRAE (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias (Composer)3
DU SOM GAAR UDLudvig M. Lindeman, 1812-1887 (Composer)2
DURCH ADAMS FALLL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
EIN FESTE BURGL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
EIN NEUES LIEDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
ET BARN ER FØDT I BETHLEHEML. M. Lindeman (Composer)4
FRED TIL BOD (Lindeman)Ludwig M. Lindeman (Composer)25
GUD SKAL ALTING MAGE L. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)17
HERRE, JEG HAR HANDLET ILLELudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)2
HERRE JESU KRISTL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)7
HJEM JEG LAENGESLudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)14
HVOR SALIG ER DEN LILLE FLOKL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)6
I DENNE VERDENS SORGER SAENKTLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
I JESU NAVNL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
I JESUS SØGER JEG MIN FREDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)4
I HIMMELENLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)1
JEG HAR MIN SAG TIL GUD HJEMSTILTLudv. M. Lindeman (Composer)2
JESUS KOM DOG SELV TIL MIGLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
KING'S LANDL. M. Lindeman (Composer)4
KIRKEN DEN ER ETLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)50
KOMMT HER ZU MIRL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)1
LIGHT (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)6
[My soul, now bless thy maker!] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—7 (Composer)3
O KOM DEG HVER SOM SYNDLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
[O Rock of Ages, one foundation]Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)3
OP THI DAGEN NU FREMBRYDERL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)3
EASTER MORROWLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)6
OVER KEDRON JESUS TRÆDERL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)3
HER VIL TIESLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)8
REPENTANCE (Lindeman)Ludvig M. Lindeman (Composer)2
I PRAEGTIGE HIMLELudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
SOM TØRSTIGE HJORT MONNE SKRIGEL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)4
SPRING OF SOULSLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)8
THOU WHOSE COMING SEERSLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)2
VATER UNSERL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
WENN WIR IN HÖCHSTEN NÖTEN SEINL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Harmonizer)1
NEUMARKL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTETL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)1

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