G. L. Lindsey

Short Name: G. L. Lindsey
Full Name: Lindsey, G. L.
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1950

Green Lee Jackson Lindsey born in Missouri, died in Oklahoma.

Dianne Shapiro, from Find a Grave website (accessed 6/20/2022)

Texts by G. L. Lindsey (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you working for the Master, are you building up His causeG. L. L. (Author)English2
Christians, are you doing your dutyG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
Clinging to the crossG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
Come,join our song of praiseG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
How sweet to think of loved ones goneG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
I am on my way todayG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
I am walking in the light, in theG. L. Lindsey (Author)3
Jesus is calling me homeG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
Lord, I am coming, yes, comingG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
No sorrow yonder, grief and careG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
Onward press to the battle frontG. L. Lindsay (Author)2
Sometimes the path of life seems roughG. L. Lindsey (Author)4
There's a beautiful home (Lindsey)G. L. Lindsey (Author)2
We are marching home to glory, To join the angel bandG. L. Lindsey (Author)English1
We have loved ones who are restingG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
We're a happy pilgrim band (Lindsey)G. L. Lindsey (Author)2
When from this world, my soul takes flightG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
While onward I journey through life's rugged wayG. L. Lindsey (Author)2
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