G. W. Lloyd

G. W. Lloyd
Short Name: G. W. Lloyd
Full Name: Lloyd, G. W. (George William), 1821-1906
Birth Year: 1821
Death Year: 1906

Reverend Lloyd was born in England in 1821 and came to America about 1850, alternately laboring for the Congregational Church and later for
the Presbyterian Church in America. He was a great writer, and many of his poems were published in small booklets later in the 19th century. He was a fiery preacher, and later during the American Civil War, he was a staunch Unionist. New Jersey had many Copperheads in Branchville & Sussex County, i.e. those who supported the Southern Cause. As Reverend Lloyd attacked the Confederacy, he came under fire, quite literally. He was shot at while preaching in the pulpit in Branchville, but the assailant missed. In 1865, he published "The Devil in Dixie", a very long "verse" on the "evils" of the Confederacy. Lloyd's congregation was split over him, and he was sent to the mission field (of sorts). Amongst his many travels, Lloyd pastored at Escanaba, Michigan, Horicon, Wisconsin, and in Moingona, Iowa.

In the 1880s, he was asked to return to the Branchville church, and became a beloved pastor of the Presbyterian Church. He wrote and preached and presided for many years. He was honored by many for much; especially in the suffering and persevering for his Faith and related beliefs. Among his poetry a book called "Lyrics of Lake and Stream" was published.

He went home to his Savior in 1906 after a full and well-spent life. He is buried in Branchville Cemetery with his wife Sarah, and the many children they lost to disease at young ages. Only two daughters survived until adulthood, and they were unmarried.

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Texts by G. W. Lloyd (16)sort descendingAsInstances
Christians, onward to the frayG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
Come near me, O my SaviorG. W. Lloyd (Author)12
Come, weary wanderer, spent and distressedRev. G. W. Lloyd (Author)4
De teu cuidade terno me cercas, bom PastorG. G. Lloyd (G. W. Lloyd) (Author)2
Hear troubled soul, though the hurricane's roarningRev. G. W. Lloyd (Author)3
I cannot sing as angels sing, Yet JesusRev. G. W. Lloyd (Author)4
Kom n'r mig, o, min FrelserG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
Life, life, eternal lifeG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
O crown of life, O dazzlingRev. G. W. Lloyd (Author)2
O, crown of life, Oh, dazzlingG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
O Rock of my Salvation, I'm safeG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
The prophet by divine commandG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
The star, the star of BethlehemG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
The way of the cross may beRev. G. W. Lloyd (Author)3
The wonderful story I read in his wordG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
There is a way but little trodG. W. Lloyd (Author)2
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