Karl Friedrich Lochner

Karl Friedrich Lochner
Short Name: Karl Friedrich Lochner
Full Name: Lochner, Karl Friedrich, 1634-1697
Birth Year: 1634
Death Year: 1697

Born: April 2, 1634, Nürnberg, Germany.
Died: February 25, 1697, Fürth, Bavaria.
Buried: Fürth, Bavaria.

A Lutheran pastor and scholar, Lochner earned his master’s degree, then became a professor. His father then encouraged him to return home, where he lectured in logic and metaphysics. A higher calling changed his life’s work. First he became a vicar at Wöhrd, then a vicar at Fürth under Pastor Schuster. In 1663, upon Schuster’s death, he succeeded as pastor, and held the office for 36 years.

Was gibt du denn, o meine Seele
Soul, What Return Has God, Thy Savior


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