M. St. Leon Loud

M. St. Leon Loud
Short Name: M. St. Leon Loud
Full Name: Loud, Marguerite St. Leon Barstow, 1812-1889
Birth Year: 1812
Death Year: 1889

Born: April 17, 1812, Wysox, Pennsylvania.
Died: November 4, 1889, Kenyon, Minnesota.
Buried: Kenyon, Minnesota.

Marguerite was the daughter of Dr. Seth T. & Clarissa Woodruff Barstow. In 1842, she married John Loud, a Philadelphia piano maker. She spent most of her adult life in Philadelphia. Her works include:

Wayside Flowers, edited by Park Benjamin (Boston, Massachusetts: 1851)

Julian, p. 310

Jesus Wept


Texts by M. St. Leon Loud (6)sort descendingAsInstances
Did the Prince of Glory dieMrs. M. St. Leon Loud (Author)1
Draw near, ye weary, bowed, and broken heartedM. St. Leon Loud (Author)7
Hear, O hear me, heavenly FatherM. St. Leon Loud (Author)3
Our youth is like the opening dayMrs. M. St. Leon Loud (Author)5
Sing praises, sing praises, to Jesus belongsM. St. Leon Loud (Author)3
The Lord of glory condescendsMrs. M. St. Leon Loud (Author)2
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