C. Harold Lowden

Short Name: C. Harold Lowden
Full Name: Lowden, C. Harold, 1883-1963
Birth Year: 1883
Death Year: 1963
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Texts by C. Harold Lowden (60)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All my life is filled with sunshine, there is gladness in my soulC. H. L. (Author)English2
At the close of a pleasant hourC. Harold Lowden (Author)English2
Before I met my Savior, my heart was troubled soreC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
Christ entered my lifeC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Christ saved me, he keepsC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Dear Scholar, how-do-you-doC. H. L. (Author)English2
Down with boozeC. Harold Lowden (Author)1
Escuchamos tu llamadaC. Harold Lowden (Author)Spanish2
From a grateful heart I say, God is goodC. H. L. (Author)2
Hark to the bugleC. H. L. (Author)2
He took me out of the miry clayC. H. L. (Author)2
Heavenly Father KingC. H. L. (Author)3
I am resting neathC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I believe in God, the Father, That He made the heaven and earthC. Harold Lowden (Author)English2
I have a friend, my precious SaviorC. H. L. (Author)English6
I have blessed peace with JesusC. H. L. (Author)4
I have heard of a land that is wondrously fairC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
I have owned Thee Lord and MasterC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I have read in God's word of a wonderful landC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I heard the voice of Jesus say (Lowden)C. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I know a soul that is steeped in sinC. H. L. (Author (Chorus))English1
I love Jesus, I love Jesus, Evermore His child I'll beC. H. L. (Author)English2
I never knew that life could be so sweet (Lowden)C. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I once was bound by sin but todayC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I would not choose my daily trialsC. H. L. (Author)English3
If Jesus has pardoned your soul from all sinC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
If you know Christ Jesus died and saved you from your sinC. Harold Lowden (Author)English3
If you've heard the wondrous story of the SaviorC. H. L. (Author)10
I'm happy, I'm happy, My heart in its rapture must gratefully singC. Harold Lowden (Author)English1
It can't touch meC. Harold Lowden (Author)1
I've heard a wonderful story (Lowden)C. Harold Lowden (Author)2
I've made my choice my Lord to followC. H. L. (Author (Chorus))2
Keep praying, Keep prayingC. Harold Lowden (Author)1
Listen to my story, Jesus, King of gloryC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
Listen to the bellsC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Lone was the watch I keptC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Long I felt myself sufficientC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Long I wandered in the paths of sinC. Harold Lowden (Author)4
Meet with us, gracious LordC. Howard Lowden (Author)English2
More and more like JesusC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
O God of life, almighty and eternalC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
O would I had the power to tell youC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Once a wise old man, native of JapanC. H. L. (Author)3
Our God is faithful, he will fail us neverC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Over on the other side of JordanC. H. L. (Author)2
Purify me gracious LordC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Since Jesus broke the fettersC. H. L. (Author)2
Since the day I gave my heart to ChristC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Smile wherever you areC. Harold Lowden (Author)English2
Stand firm for the Lord and rightC. H. L. (Author)3
Strong drink is full of pain and woeC. H. L. (Author)English3
The Christ of the cross is the Christ of the worldC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
The love of God how great the thoughtC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
The world has much to lure and charmC. H. L. (Author)English2
There are dear little children far over the seaC. H. L. (Author)3
There is a Name all names aboveC. Harold Lowden (Author)2
Thy word declares, O gracious LordC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
Tiny little daisy, tell me trueC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
Walking with Jesus is my soul's delightC. Harold Lowden (Author)3
We have heard thy call, Lord JesusC. Harold Lowden (Author)English3
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