Charles C. Luther

Short Name: Charles C. Luther
Full Name: Luther, Charles C., 1847-1924
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1924 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Charles C. Luther (36)sort descendingAsInstances
All down the ages soundingCharles C. Luther (Author)2
All glory to God in the highestCharles C. Luther (Author)9
All glory to Jesus, sin's debt is all paidCharles C. Luther (Author)2
All the way home my Savior is guidingCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Awake, ye saints, the night is endingCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Beautiful hands at the gateway tonightC. C. L. (Author)49
Christ is coming, O the promise given usCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Christ is coming! promise gloriousCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Come, Holy Spirit, source of lightCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Deep mired in sin, and dark the nightCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Draw near, O God, to meCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Gathering home from every landCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Going away redeemed tonightCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Going away unsaved tonightCharles C. Luther (Author)4
Going home, how bright, how gloriousCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Hallelujah for the fountain deep and wideCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Hark, the Savior calls to theeCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Heavenly Father, for large blessingCharles C. Luther (Author)4
Heavenly Father, give thy spiritCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Ho ye reapers to the harvestCharles C. Luther (Author)2
I am with thee every hour, O ransomed oneCharles C. Luther (Author)5
I have found in Christ my Savior (Luther)Charles C. Luther (Author)4
Jesus is tenderly calling, wandererCharles C. Luther (Author)4
Jesus, my Lord, has heard my cryCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Maste da jag ga sa tomh'ndtC. C. Luther (Author)2
Muss ich geh'n mit leeren HändenCharles C. Luther (Author)6
Must I go, and empty handedCharles C. Luther, 1847-1924 (Author)101
Nearer home, O blessed thoughtCharles C. Luther (Author)2
O precious story, ever newCharles C. Luther (Author)3
O we shall meet beyond the tideCharles C. Luther (Author)4
O where are the dear ones we never forgetCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Others beside, O joyful assuranceCharles C. Luther (Author)3
Skal jeg gaa did hel tomh'ndetCharles C. Luther (Author)2
So near to the kingdom, and yet thou dost lackCharles C. Luther (Author)2
Swiftly approaching and coming to allCharles C. Luther (Author)2
When we all get homeCharles C. Luther (Author)1
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