Aleksēi Federovich L'vov

Aleksēi Federovich L'vov
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Short Name: Aleksēi Federovich L'vov
Full Name: L'vov, Aleksēi Federovich, 1798-1870
Birth Year: 1798
Death Year: 1870

[Alexis Lwoff]

Born: June 5, 1798, Reval (now Tallinn), Estonia.
Died: December 28, 1870, near Kovno (now Kaunas), Lithuania.
Buried: Pozhaisky Monastery, near Kovno, Lithuania.

Lvov’s father directed the imperial court chapel in St. Petersburg. After a tour of duty in the Russian army, Alexis took over his father’s post, and stayed in that position 24 years. He composed operas, violin music, and various religious pieces, retiring in 1867 due to deafness.

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