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Short Name: Jesse Manibusan
Full Name: Manibusan, Jesse does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Create in me, O God, a heart so true]Jesse Manibusan, b. 1958 (Composer)233133 34411 43377
[Felices los que temen al Señor]Jesse Manibusan, n. 1948 (Composer)234554 47665 36554
[From the mountain, blessing spoken]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)243213 17143 21343
[I can speak the tongues of every nation]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)215211 55111 21523
[Lead us, Lord, into the desert]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)312312 34312 31771
[Oh, the sweetness of your mercy and grace!]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)355543 55561 15255
[Open my eyes, Lord]Jesse Manibusan, b. 1958 (Composer)1332165 32124 13216
[People of God, see the morning is new]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)333332 22111 33332
[There is a place for the sadness]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)212321 76511 23123
[To feed the hungry]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)2
[We bless you O God, for you are so great]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)231111 32316 11323
[Welcome, all the broken-hearted]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)212322 11123 35513
[When we're afraid, running from truth]Jesse Manibusan (Composer)312342 33216 71123
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