Chas. H. Marsh

Short Name: Chas. H. Marsh
Full Name: Marsh, Chas. H. (Charles Howard), 1885-1956
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year: 1956

Born: April 8, 1886, Magnolia, Iowa.
Died: April 12, 1956, La Jolla, California.
Buried: Riverview Cemetery, Brawley, California.

Marsh’s father was pastor of the Congregational Church in Magnolia, Iowa. His gift for the piano was evident at an early age, and after he graduated from high school, Wilbur Chapman asked him to play for the Winona Lake Chautauqua and Bible Conference in Indiana. He later taught at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (1915-19) and the University of Redlands (1919-26). He studied music in France in the 1920’s, and became president of the European School of Music and Art in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From 1928 to 1932, he played the organ at the First Presbyterian Church. In 1932, he moved to Florida to become professor of organ at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and to serve as organist and choir director at the First Baptist Church. In 1935, he moved to California, where he worked as district supervisor for the Federal Music Project in San Diego until 1939. He also played the organ and directed the choir at St. James-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in La Jolla (1936-56).

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Tunes by Chas. H. Marsh (23)sort descendingAsInstances
[A form at the threshold, a stranger behold]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Are you counted in on the Master's side]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)4
[One day when heaven was filled with His praises] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)65
[Christ is calling for His soldiers] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Jesus may come today] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)56
[Driving the foe before us, we are pressing on]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Every day I trust Thee more] (Marsh)C. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Go forward, Christian soldier] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[In our Master's footsteps going]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Jesus was standing beside a grave]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)5
[Just to be loving, just to be strong] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Let the sunshine of joy get into your life]C. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Nearer, Lord, our souls would be]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[O how deep is the love of my Savior for me]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[O the friends that now are waiting]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)8
[Poor and despised, he came seeking for me]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)3
SAN DIEGOCharles Howard Marsh (Composer)6
[Savior, but for love like Thine]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Send the news o'er all the earth] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Somewhere there’s a soul that is lonely]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[The prince of night is marshalling his forces]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[When misfortune overtakes me, and my weary soul is tried]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)3
[You serve but one Master]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)4

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